Lakermobile 1958 Isetta

Are you a Lakers fan AND a microcar fan?  If so, this is your ride.

This Issetta had a frame-off something. We can't call it a restoration because it didn't leave the factory with all of the Lakers regalia.  Still, it seems to have been completely mechanically restored and everything else was either restored or refurbished and modified to fit the theme.

This is no half-assed fan car.  The floor is made to look like the Staples Center floor, the seat is made to look like a Spalding basketball and everything else remotely spherical is a mini basketball.  There are murals of famous fans on the interior, so Jack Nicholson stares at passersby in creepy The Shining fashion.  Even Adam Sandler is there to stare.  All of the work appears to be exceptionally well done and the attention to detail is amazing.

The current high bid is a reasonable $5,100, but reserve hasn't been met.  Restored Isettas are now $30K+ cars, but it's not clear whether something like this will bid higher or lower.  It needs just the right buyer, so we see bidding going to $15-20K, whether or not the reserve is not.  If Bruce Weiner microcar fever wears off, it could be lower; but we haven't seen that happen yet.

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Upland, CA, USA
$5,100 with six bids, reserve not met and 9 days to go

Exterior grabs attention.  Note the basketball-themed lamps and the Converse logos on the wheel covers.

Even the tucked-in rear wheels (yes, there are two on this 1958 model!) continue the theme.

Here's our first glimpse of the interior.  There's a lot going on here.

Note the murals, basketball seat and basketball shift knob.

Here are the creepy murals.

Not every Oddimobile comes with a (really big) shoe...

Here's that floor.

And, yes, it seems this was stripped all the way down.

Ad text:

 This is a Laker Basketball team Tribute Car. Totally restored and in excellent mechanical condition. It has won many awards and can currently be seen on Planeta Lakers television show. It has had major custom paint work done to it. All the lights are painted like basketballs, seat is made from real basketball material. Interior panels are vinyl covered images of famous Laker photos. Sunroof is a real basketball net. It has Chuck Taylor Converse hubcaps. The floor is the Staples Center Court. Horn button and shifter ball are basketballs. It has won an award at the Palos Verde Concourse De'Elegance. It is a major star wherever we take it. Again, everything on this car has been rebuilt or replaced. The body is painted Plumb Crazy and Banana Yellow with all of the Laker emblems done in paint, not stickers. You will be the hit of every show you take it to. Runs and drives excellent. Check out the photos and the video on youtube. Ask any questions. The title is in my name and currently registered. Be the biggest Laker fan wherever you go. Even though the team isn't doing very well right now, they will come back and you can show off your new ride. (909) xxx-xxxx The Isettadude.

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