Incomplete 944 Shooting Brake Project

All the best ads involve "purchased the donor car, and started cutting."  This has the potential to be awesome when complete, but there's a long way to go.

The seller apparently started this project in April 2015.  It's not clear what the donor wagon was, but maybe a reader knows?  Regardless, our condolences go out to the seller, who had a loss in the family.

Just the right buyer might find this to be a reasonable deal, but it's not cheap at $8,500.  That being said, all parts needed to finish the body are supposedly included.

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West Islip, NY, USA
$8,500 BIN with offers considered and six days to go

Yep, he or she definitely started cutting.  Obviously, some parts have been added, too.

Is that hatch from a wagon or minivan?

One more pic, for good measure.

Here's the goal...

Ad text:

I started this in April 2015, First got the car running replacing the position sensors, fuel filter. Then purchased the donor car, and started cutting. ( I have pictures of the step by step instructions from beginning to end ) I had a recent lost in my family (October)  and with financial obligations and responsibilities I can't continue this project. I'm not saying much about this project any body-man or Body Shop can figure it out. My intentions were to finish it off as in the completely finish one included in my picture gallery but to installed an LS1 Corvette  to give it some attitude. The year is an 1985.5 Porsche 944 I will listen to offers but we all know any serious buyers will make the effort to inspect the car in person and ready and willing to make an offer in person. What's included in the sale are the following: 1- Turbo Nose complete with all lights and wiring harness. 2- right front Turbo fender 3- Rear spoiler ( under the bumper, maybe it's called rear diffuse r ?) 4- front leather power seats (driver's side only) 5- Original Tool Kit 6- 22/24 ga sheet metal to trim and weld on both side of the car 7- Quarter glass to be fitted after the sheet metal is in place (#6 on list) This will be a one time offering Ebay will not see this again from me! When completed it's value (2009 6-8 sold in the UK for $30k each w/o the LS1 Engine)       Will be $35-$40k with the LS1 Engine. But why sell it ! My feedback and time here on Ebay shows I'm a person with good murals that always try to be fare. Good luck to the winner of this easy project.

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  1. I would like to see some of those "good murals" (sic) that the seller claims to possess. Maybe he could airbrush some mural art on the finished project...

    It appears there is some adhesive residue left on the rear hatch, revealing the donor car was a late 90's VW Passat.