Brown, manual 928 with Pasha Interior

Does it get any better?

This is a Euro-spec car with low miles and supposedly has had a recent service.  If it checks out it's a helluva car; but is the price reasonable?

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Indianapolis, IN, USA

Brown truly is beautiful.

Early 928s wear their weirdness with more pride vs. later version, especially from this angle.

The Pasha (AKA Op Art) interior is like nothing else.  We love it.

How about just one more shot of the Pasha?

Here's the amazing-for-its-age 4.5L V8.

Ad text:

1978 Porsche 928. 4.5 liter V8 5 speed manual. Delivered new in Germany then imported to the states in 1984. The car is European spec. 
Mocha brown with brown and Pasha inserts. Odometer reads 138,000 km, which is a bit less than 86,000 miles. Timing belt, water pump and tensioners done recently Runs and drives excellent. Rare Porsche destined to gain in value

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  1. I am the buyer and current owner of this 928 and she is a beauty! However, the seller Fred Ost is a lying, scamming POS! We agreed on a price of $11 000 provided he had all the issues fixed upon my arrival. I flew from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Indianapolis to purchase the car and was excited to drive the beast back myself. Only once I landed did Fred inform me that some of the parts had not arrived in time. Truth is he never ordered them at all. Once seeing the vehicle there were also numerous issues he was not truthful about over the phone. We negotiated a new price which was $10 000 plus he would send me the $1000 in parts he promised to install prior to my arrival, along with the original first aid kit. This was back in November, 2015 and I have still never seen the package of parts he promised to send me every time I managed to get him on the phone. I even had a friend who lives locally visit him to pick up the parts for me and Fred avoided him too! Nearly a year later Fred Ost has still not sent the parts or the first aid kit and avoids my calls every time I attempt calling him. Since purchasing the car I have spent about $5000 fixing the issues he never bothered to reveal prior to flying up. It is the '78 I have always wanted and $15 000 total for an example like this is probably over paying, but I'm still happy she's mine! Just never do business with Fred Ost. He cannot be trusted and it was my mistake that I shook his hand and trusted he would follow through with our agreement.