1991 HondaMural

A 1991 Accord LX sedan with an automatic trans is not remotely exciting or strange in and of itself; but adding murals creates a true Oddimobile.

It seems one side is a jungle and one is a desert, complete with butterfly and bunny. The engine has blown head gasket and the seller is supposedly considering parting it out and mounting the mural panels on a wall.  Okay.

The artwork does appear to be well done - it was just an odd choice.

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San Rafael, CA, USA
$199.00 with ZERO bids, reserve not  met and 6.5 days to go

Here's the jungle side.  The big cat dominates this side.  It's not clear whether the missing hubcap is part of the theme or just a missing hubcap.

Here's the desert side, dominated by mountains.  The animals are more subtle on this side.  Note that both front hubcaps are missing.

From the front, this is a plain, beige Accord.  Notably, this is Oddimotive's favorite Accord generation; but we prefer the EX with five-speed.

There's nothing interesting about the rear.

Here's the desert bunny - decidedly less intimidating vs. the black panther (not a political reference) on the other side.

How about a butterfly?

Ad text:

This car is all about the murals. Some of the work is airbrushed and some of the smaller details are brush painted and it is amazing. It has brought smiles to many and drawn compliments as I have gone about my daily life for the last 5 years. It has had some smaller issues for a while, but the issue that caused me to quit driving it is a blown head gasket. For a mechanic who appreciates art and wants something unique this would be a rewarding project. It will go down the road to a new home under its own power, but I would not call it “running”. It passed smog this spring with a new catalytic converter, but with a blown head gasket probably won’t pass now.  I do not have the time for a project at this point.

 I have considered removing the panels and mounting them as art. They would be spectacular hanging behind a bar, or on any display wall. It also occurred to me that a person who wanted just the art might prefer to do the removal of the panels themselves and to their specifications.

I have looked into early vehicle retirement and also investigated removing the artwork. I am very busy with work, and in all likelihood I will not list this again, so if you are interested you should bid now.

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