1989 Chevy Van With Ferris Wheel Seating

If you had an extra van and some Ferris wheel seats, you'd do the same.

The seller is wise enough not to claim it's a good idea to ride in the rear seats at highway speeds; so don't get any idea.  What would YOU do with this oddity?

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Lohman, MO, USA
$3,250 with 7 bids, reserve not met and 7 days to go

If someone told me they'd combined a Ferris wheel and a van, I guess this is what I would picture.


Cab area is pretty much your typical late 80s van, but this view from up top makes me wonder if it's stable.

It seems like this steering wheel was used in just about all GM trucks for at least a decade.

Seat padding looks fairly well done and underwhelming "safety" ropes are color coordinated!

Front end is all Chevy Van.  There's nothing wrong with that.

Ad text:

1950's - 1960's Carnival Like Ferris Wheel Chevrolet Unusual Ride 

1989 Chevrolet Conversion Van with most unusual carnival ride -  Parade Ready - A thrilling ride for the passengers and an equal thrill to watch them.

Three seats that swing freely as the vehicle accelerates or decelerates.  The swing motion is adjustable for a milder ride.  Seat restrains (hook and chain) provided in each seat.  Recommend maximum capacity 6 children or 3 adults.  This is not a ride for the over the road use.  Would only be used in parades, car shows or just for park use.  99% guarantee there are no other rides like it!

The van starts good, drives good and stops good.  The previous owner just replaced the windshield, fuel pump, battery, muffler and tailpipe.  It does need tires.  They may only be good for parades and not recommended for a road trip.  Van with only 157,000 miles - runs good.  When the previous owner replaced  the fuel pump, they caused the gas gauge to quit working, I have not fixed the problem.

Should make a great parade vehicle.  It also has a Reese hitch that could pull a float as well.

The van with ferris wheel seats is no higher than the original conversion van was with luggage rack and will clear a standard 7' garage door opening. 

If you have a negative feedback or rating of "0" please e-mail me information that would indicate that you are a serious bidder so that your bid will not be disqualified.  Sorry, but there are some who just play games.

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