This cool, futuristic EV appears to have been a marketing/PR tool for VSP North America, which sells portable generators.  That's about all we know.

The seller does give some basic specs and points out that this is powered by seven lead-acid batteries.   That might be less power than a Vanguard Citicar had in the 70s; so don't expect much in the way of top speed or range.  As a matter of fact, there's nothing to indicate this is road legal - think of it as more of a prop.  A really cool looking prop.

One tidbit the seller does mention is that the turbines on this car supposedly help to charge the car at speed.  Has perpetual motion been discovered?!?!

Edit: VSP's site has more pics!  The interior has some rather unfinished wiring, or at least it did when the photos were taken.  More info is supposedly coming soon, but don't hold your breath.

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Sault Sainte Marie, MI, USA
$14,155 with 36 bids, reserve not met and 6 hours to go

It is safe to say this doesn't look like anything else on the road.  Sadly, this isn't likely legal to drive on the road...

Swing-up doors are a must on something this odd.

Profile is certainly futuristic!

Rear is....unique.

This is about all we can see of the interior.

Screen shows EV status/functions.

Yes, this vehicle does have a backup camera!  That's probably good, given visibility probably isn't.

Ad text:

2014 VSP electric car,great movie car or promotional vehicle,72vseries wound prestolite drive motor,7 new vsp 12v 230ah sealed lead acid maintenance free batterys,MIMOD EV monitoring and control system,front and rear air ride,gullwing doors,2 300watt windturbines that recharge the battery that runs the computer lights and controls.ph or txt 705-xxx-xxxx

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