UR Sylvia: 1978 S10 200SX Roller

The original 200SX was a stylized coupe built on the same platform as the B210/Sunny coupe.  A family down the street had one of these when I was growing up, but these are rare finds today.  That's probably because most people considered them ugly AND they rusted away.  Today, however, this is oddly appealing.  Among non-Z-cars, this is one of Nissan's earliest examples of showing some styling courage - whether or not it worked out well.

This example is without an engine, but that just means the car is your blank slate.  We think this would be the ultimate sleeper with the right build.  It also has body needs, so you might as well plan on rust removal and a full paint job unless you want to address only the worst of the rust and keep the "patina."  Note that there will never be a Pebble Beach preservation class for this car; so don't bother!  The missing engine would also be an issue at that level...

As this is something of a major project, the bidding needs to stay at of below $500 to make any sense at all.

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West Palm Beach, FL, USA
$200 with 1 bids, reserve not met and 6 hours to go

No one will say the styling of the 200SX is boring, but few will say it's beautiful.  It is absolutely unique.  Note rust around wheel well and lower door.

A bit more rust can be seem at the rear edge of the right-side door.

Front end is a little more normal and blended in at the time.

Wide, wrap-around taillights are a cool touch.

Love or hate the outside, but these cars have damn cool dash design!  The tach is a nice touch, too.

The interior looks tires, but all there and without major rips.

Oops, there's no engine!  This is your blank canvas.  A naturally aspirated SR20DE or SR20VE seems like a perfect fit for the character of this car and would add a lot of power beyond stock; but a turbo would make for an amazing sleeper and the grandaddy of all of the 240SX conversions running around, these days.

Ad text:

Rolling chassis, no engine, the rest of the car is all there, very solid, can be used for parts or restore, floor pans are solid, miner rust on the exterior.

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