The ipd Volvo 142E is For Sale!

If you have any interest in older Volvos, you know ipd.  They supply the most popular upgrades for most Volvo models, from body parts to cams to sway bars to exhausts.  This is what ipd calls their first widely publicized project car and has inspired many fellow Brick enthusiasts.  After all, the 140 series is the original Brick!

The seller provides a list of mods, but not a lot of detail.  The only major oversight in this ad is that there are absolutely no underhood shots; so it's hard to tell what was done there.  The good news is that the seller has a notebook full of info from ipd; so we'd hope the build was well documented there.

A 1974 142 is "the one that got away" for me, as I had to sell it to move and it was unfinished.  Some day, I'll have to get another and finish it out.  Now's not the time, but this one is sure tempting.

Price is already on the high end for a 142, but this car is something of a legend.  Hopefully. current condition is good and it doesn't need too much.  The seller says it has been started regularly; so that's good news.  The 142E is arguably the 140 to have, as it had the highest stock output and the D-Jet fuel injection system means one can easily convert to stand-alone EFI.

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El Cajon, CA
$5,600 with 12 bids, reserve not met and six days to go

Classic brick lines!  This was a lux model (GL?), as it has a sunroof and leather.

Rear bumper is present, but painted.  Not the ipd exhaust and cool license plate.

Here's that menacing, low-angle front shot.

Original (or at least original-style) leather seats appear to be in good shape.

It's surprising to see the stock, sweep-style speedo here, as most modified 140s have the GT 'rally' gauge pack.  That could still be swapped in, as a tach would be a welcomed addition here.

Back seat is in great shape and looks comfy.

Aux gauges don't include a tach.

The seller has a lot of documentation, including interesting articles!

Ad text:

This is THE famous IPD 142E

In 1972, IPD began developing parts for the 140 series.  This car was selected as the one that would showcase IPD's parts.  As a result, it was loaded up with all the best IPD parts.  Here is a partial list....

Alloy wheels
Suspension - springs, swaybars, shocks, etc
Moon roof
Motor build
Fuel mix controller
Fog lights/grill
Air dam

The magazine Road & Track featured this car in the June 1974 edition highlighting Volvos, and a copy of that article is included with the car.  Also included is a lengthy set of records from IPD for its work on the car, and many other service records dating back to 1972.

The car was owned by IPD and Richard Gordon until it was sold to the current owner in 1999.

It has been stored since that time, with proper driving on occasion to maintain it in good working order.

<a href="">Be sure to review the 60 photos located here</a>

<a href="">A video of the car is available here</a>

Feel free to call any time with questions.  I operate a Volvo restoration shop, providing body restoration and parts for classic Volvos.
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