Ranger "GT" with 302

It's no entirely uncommon to find a Ford Ranger with a V8 swap, but we find this one interesting due to its total lack of sleeper effect.

The seller has listed this as a "Ranger GT" and some owner along the line has attempted to make exterior mods that hint at the performance.  This truck is likely a blast to drive, given the expected power-to-weight ratio.  If we bought it, we'd go back to stock appearance in any was possible to make a nice sleeper truck.  Of course, a five-speed would be great; but, let's be honest, this is going to be a straight-line performer.

Apparently, this was going to be the seller's son's vehicle, but was just too much truck.  We can understand that.  As a matter of fact, it's unlikely this will be able to go anywhere in a Massachusetts winter.

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Wakefield, MA, USA
$1,125 with six bids, reserve not met and six days to go

We like sleepers and this truck has potential, but needs to hide its hood scoop (with 302 badge) to pull it off.  With a more stock appearance, we'll be in love.  Even the stripes could stay, as many horribly-performing 80s cars had similar dealer treatments back in the day - think neon pink and baby blue "Sport" script on four cylinder Mustangs.  In a perfect world, this would have subtle steel wheels and no visible white letters on the tires.

Tail lights are cheesy, but should be easily swapped back to stock.  The rest of the rear supports the sleeper idea.  Undercarriage shots show expected big exhaust, and we think that's a hint of side-exit exhaust tip at the rear corner.  We like that sleeper application vs. two giant pipes at the rear!

Most of the interior is stock, early 80s Ranger, which means spartan, but this does have some faux wood grain, whether that's good or bad.  The giant tach/shift light, shifter and CD player appear to be the only changes.  The dash mat likely means there are cracks.

Here's the 302 (4.9x liter) V8 shoved into this small truck.  It's a good fit and the conversion appears to be pretty well done.  This should make plenty of torque for this application.

The hood scoop is functional, but this is a bit of a home conversion.  At least the hole is somewhat trimmed out.  Of course, we would have put the trim joint at the back if we'd done it (which is unlikely).

Battery has been relocated to the trunk out of necessity, but it fully exposed if the bed is in use.  Any new buyer should be strongly encouraged to keep the tonneau cover on as often as possible to avoid battery theft.

Things look pretty clean underneath this one and we imagine the traction bars are absolutely necessary.

Ad text:

1983 Ford Ranger, may be the nicest early Ranger in New England, Professionally done 5.0L conversion, built C4 trans, high quality parts, Demon dual pumper carb, stainless steel headers, custom dual exhaust, functional Boss 429 hood scoop, Centerline DragStar alloy wheels with new BF Goodrich Radial T/A's, Wiend intake, B&M shifter, traction bars, Autometer Monster tach w/shift light and tell tale. Bed mount Optima battery, bed liner, bed cover, body is near perfect, never rusted, frame mint, interior mint, paint is shiny and looks great, only a few chips, interior near perfect, rugs and panels mint, has dash cover but I don't see any cracks under the pad, everything works, needs nothing, sounds strong, very quick, hard to tell how fast because it is hard to keep the tires from spinning! The only defects would be the speedo cable doesn't meet well with the stock speedometer causing the needle to bounce and the is one spot of the radiator support on the drivers side that has some rust, odd considering the rest of the truck is perfect? Bought it online form further south, was intended for my 18 year old son, but after driving it, it is WAY too much truck for him and ove my son, so it must go. Clean/clear title, non smoker, runs and drives great, tight. 

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