One and a Half Citroen Meharis

As is often the case with true Oddimobiles, this is a package deal with a rolling chassis (with title) and a donor car with the mechanical bits.  If you really love Citroen Meharis - like us - this could make for a great project!

The reddish one has a title and the white one has the engine and trans, but no title.  Supposedly, the chassis on the white one is not in good shape - thus the swap plan.

A great many new and used parts come with this sale and the seller has done a great job with the photos.  Are you willing to take on this big project to end up with something like this?

Click for eBay ad
Mount Wolf, PA, USA
$1,725 with ten bids, reserve not met and 1.5 days to go

These don't look like much when disassembled.

Of course, there's not that much to them, in general.

Just add engine, trans and body parts!

Extra engine!

The white one looks complete, but apparently has rust issues underneath.

Engine is still in place in the white one.

Here's the front/grill.

Side panels and other bits!

New dash!

Lots 'o new parts!

Plenty of manuals are included, as well as what appear to be parts receipts.

Ad text:

Mehari A (looks red in the pictures)
title in my name
70.000 mi. (no guarantee that mileage is correct)
no engine, no transmission
body in fairly good condition, with very few minor cracks
frame in good condition
side panels have also very few minor cracks and small, but fixable, damage in rear
US (headlights) version front grill in good condition
suspension in good working condition
windshield glass in good condition, and windshield frame that requires only minor work

New Parts
I have spent over 2000$ in new parts (I also have all original invoices), including:
European (headlights) version front grill (incl. frame) and rear panel
matching complete front headlights set
front floor cover
2 cylinders, complete pistons
electronic ignition with high tech coil
and too many other parts to list (see picture)

Mehari B (looks white in the pictures) as donor car for mainly engine and transmission
no title
62.408 mi. (definitely has more mileage); previous owner said that engine was replaced.
body and frame in bad condition
transmission should be OK, but I never drove it – previous owner drove it in Florida, and then parked it for 20+ years
engine, with outside oil filter, turns over freely
Engine, transmission, and all engine parts are complete as I bought it 5 years ago, and should be put into Mehari A. The car will have other usable parts.

Additional engine that turns over only 350 degrees, with inside oil filter.
Engine and transmission parts from another engine, many other spare parts, 2 spare wheels, brake drums, etc. Some may be good, others not – I never checked.
I also have manuals and books that come with the Mehari mainly in English, some in German, and also 1 repair/restore book in 5 languages (192 pages with many illustrations/drawings). Unfortunately, I have no soft top, but the frame is in OK condition. 2 out of the 4 seats could probably be restored.

If you buy it, I can tell and show you how to fix the cracks (no polyester) to make them look as good as new.

I am interested to sell everything AS IS only in 1 package, and not in separate parts, because I need the space for my ongoing other car project. What you see on the pictures is what you get - sale is final, no returns, NO REFUND, no warranty, no guarantee!! Willing to keep them stored for another month after full payment. If you pick them up, I can help load it. Willing to ship nationally and internationally, but you will have to arrange  for shipping, handling and payment.  For questions and additional pictures, please email me or 717 xxx xxxx.

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