Lada Niva Somewhere in Russia

We love the Lada Niva here at Oddimotive!  These offer hatchback looks and functionality with Jeep off-road capability and Eastern Bloc mystique.  This one is offered be a zero feedback seller in Russia who provides previous little information.  What could go wrong?

Claimed mileage is 62K, but we imagine that's kilometerage.  The seller does claim is has roof rack, tow hitch, gas equipment and new suspension and that the transmission is Руководство.  Google translates that to "leader."  Did these even come with automatics transmissions?  Hopefully not...

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Екатеринбург, Свердловская область, Russian Federation
$8,100 BIN price with offers considered and 6 days to go

This is as good a picture as the seller provided.  Classic Niva lines are clearly visible.

Here's part of the rear.

In case you were interested in the door handle...

Ad text:

roof rack, tow hitch, gas equipment, new suspension 
USSR (1985 release)

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