Homemade Nissan Pulsar Pickup

Admit it.  If you like odd cars, you've looked at the Pulsar Sportbak at least once and wondered why it couldn't have a hatch-off mode, making it into a small truck.  Apparently, this seller/builder wondered the same and decided his/her Pulsar should be permenently converted into a truck.  The result is suitably odd, potentially mildly useful and remarkably well executed.

Shitboxes are periodically made into trucks, like this Festiva; but most of the ones that pop up (that Festiva excluded) are hack jobs - not well thought out and not well finished.  This Pulsar started with a mildly sporty coupe (with shitbox power) and is very well done.  The owner even put in a sliding rear window and storage compartments behind the seats!  Add in the T-Tops and this is truly unique.

Bidding is low, but reserve isn't met.  This is a cool oddity and seems like a deal at or near $1,000.

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La Habra, CA, USA
$370 with 4 bids, reserve not met and 4 days to go

Note how all edges are finished and the sliding rear window is well integrated!  With it open and T-Tops off, you get something of a Del Sol driving experience.

From this angle, things look mostly normal, but you can see a touch of bed.

Here's the bed.  Sadly, there's no fold-down tailgate.  The good news is, however, that the aftermarket-esque, taped-up look tail lights are always visible.  Interestingly, this look (inspired by the Pulsar and Mustang) was a popular mod for period Ford Rangers.

Bed appears to have the spare tire compartment.  We're not sure it's a good idea to drive this in the rain, but it would be easy to install drains, if not already done.  Note that adjustable rear shocks will be easily accessible!

How about one more angle?  Stock, cheap hubcaps are a nice touch.

Front end is pure Pulsar, right down to the flip-up headlamps.

Interior is stock and appears to be in good shape.  Note the genius of this photo - it was taken through an open T-Top!

Manual transmission ensure this is at least a little fun to drive, while double-DIN stereo opening (including dealer-installed cassette!) means you can have Android Auto and CarPlay in this!

Here are the behind-the-seat storage boxes (boxen?).  The original Pulsar had a useless back seat.

According to the seller, the engine was recently rebuilt and the 5th gear replaced in the trans.  Things look 100% stock under the hood.

Ad text:

This was a basic  Nissan pulsar car, that I converted, modified  it into a mini truck, I did all the work myself in my garage, it has a rebuilt engine, the transaxle 5th gear was replaced, so the trans is like a rebuilt, because it was open to replace the 5th gear and checked for any damaged gears and everything looked and work good, it runs and shifts good, I have been driving it for 15 months and in that time only 5,600 miles since all the mechanical and body work, was completed.

I have replaced many parts in this car/truck, I have receipts for all parts and work. I have over $3500.00 invested and 4 months of my time in this unique fun car.

Where ever I go in this car, people will  ask  WHAT IS THAT ! and they take pictures of this one of a kind car min truck, that looks like El Camino, or Ranchero

I think that this is the only mini truck in existence in the country. it has never been in an accident and the body is clean no dents or rust.

For more info please call 714-xxx-xxxx, Do not ask if I will sell outside of eBay.

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