Eleven Suzuki X90s in One Sale!

This seller, who seem to still have the "Baja X90 with rear seat" previously featured here on Oddimotive, is now offering now fewer than eleven X90s in one lot.  Sadly, only one stock photo is included...

See ad text for details.  What can we possibly add to this?  Actually we can add that we're a bit confused.  The seller references having a dozen cars for sale, says eleven at another point and then states he or she has ten complete cars.  Oh, a Samurai might also be thrown in for good measure!

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Fullerton, CA, USA

Ad text:

Suzuki X90 are subcompact, two-passenger 4x4 SUV having a 1.6 liter engine with 95hp 98 lb-ft of torque.
These small cars get up to 30 mpg or more on the highway and have a removable T-top roof for open air motoring. The T-top roof sections store in the over sized trunk. They came in several colors: red, silver (3) , blue (2), dark green (1), and black (5).

Selling my collection of Suzuki x90 classic automobiles.Total 11 cars sell for $33,500.(ave: $3000 ea)
Have a dozen of these SUZUKI X90's with the above colors: 
Have car fax and titles for each. Each are currently registered.
Each have cruise control and power windows and power door locks and over drive.
These x90's are lightweight and can be pulled behind RV with ease.
These classic vehicles are very rare and only 3 years produced. Serious inquires only.
Asking $1500 for each of the parts cars without engines. $1500 is 1/3 off the selling price of the complete cars.
1997 green parts car (no engine or transmission) 84,842 miles $1500
1997 black parts car (no engine or transmission) 147,088 miles $1500
1996 grey automatic AC 4x4 (baja with rear seat) 138,203 miles $5500
1996 blue standard AC 4x4 108,977 miles $5000
1996 silver automatic 4x4 122,257 miles $4500
1996 black standard 66,325 miles $6500 11/14 brad
1996 black automatic AC 4x4 151,912 miles $5500
1996 black automatic AC 4x4 (NEW ENGINE) 128,191 miles $6500
1996 black standard 4x4 130,890 $5000
1997 blue automatic AC 120,028 miles $5000
Ten (10) complete cars sell for $30,000 or ave of $3000 each. 
Photo is of similar X90 example.
Parts cars at $1,000 each if buy all.
Included is one 1987 Suzuki Samurai for $3500 with soft top or detachable hard top.

Prefer call in reply above. 
Prefer call rather than e-mail or text.

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  1. Clearly, math wasn't Rick's strong suit in grade school.