Crosley-Based, Homemade 1958 Pickup

Are you tired of driving around looking like everyone else?  If so, a homebrew, Crosley-based truck might be just the ticket!

This is rumored to have everything necessary to be street legal, and there is an old inspection sticker on one window; so there could be hope.  That being said, the single-cylinder lawnmower engine isn't going to allow this to keep up with modern freeway traffic; so don't even think about a long commute.

Still, putting around for fifteen minutes to get to Cars and Coffee would likely be fun, and, as the seller suggests, parades will welcome the new owner.  Some work is needed, however, as this is rumored not to have run in about fifty years and needs brake work.  Hopefully, it shares enough parts with the original Crosley that parts and forum support can be found.

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Latrobe, PA, USA (Home of Rolling Rock beer!?)

Styling is basic, but oddly cool.

Stake bed seems to work, as it is containing cargo in the image.  We wonder about payload capacity, however.

This is an unmistakably unique nose.  We guess the round hole is for cooling...

Interior is basic with a small, vinyl-covered bench seat

Note the Crosley gauge cluster and the shift patten painted on the floor/shifter cover.

Power by Briggs and Stratton!

We suppose evidence of a successful state inspection is a good thing on a homemade car, even if said inspection is 55 years old.

Ad text:

Really neat find from an estate sale. A homemade stake bed truck built on a Crosley chassis with a one cylinder Briggs and Stratton motor and a 3 speed manual gear box with reverse. I purchased the truck from the son of the man who built it, it was built in 1958 to serve as a toy around the house and for use in parades. It was PA state inspected in 1960 and still has the inspection sticker on the window. It has lights, a horn, turn signals- everything to make it street legal. It has not run since at least 1965. I found it in a basement garage, I can get the motor to turn, but not run for any extended amount of time. The wiring needs redone and it at least needs wheel cylinders and a master cylinder to make it stop. It has PA registration stickers from 1962 to 1965.

Really cool truck, would be great for parades or display. I put a new battery and a new set of tires on it.

Once in a lifetime find! NO TITLE, Bill of sale ONLY!

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