Best of Aliso Viejo Cars and Coffee

When we say "best", we mean "most odd."  As a bonus, many shots include a two-year-old Oddimotive fan!

Our first feature is a Caprice wagon with a 50s panel theme.  The guy was packing up to leave, so we didn't get details...

Apparently, it still has some cargo capacity.  Note detailed chrome work.

The interior is pretty standard stuff.

Ah yes, a K-car wagon!!!

Reliant K, baby.

How about an oddly-colored Beetle with spikes?

This Nash Airflyte is a regular at this event, but we've never taken pics of it.

This was around long before the Jaguar XJS-C, mind you.

This thing's in great shape and we love the top!

This isn't the first time this has happened, but below is a car we've previously featured.  This started life as an Accord Wagon with a manual trans and we suppose it still is; but it's received the full 'show car' treatment.

Yep...big-ass screen and prominently displayed amps.  Note the lack of practicality in terms of storage.

There's that manual shifter - surrounded by way too much green.

We don't have another image, but any Lancia is an Oddimobile.  This was a very, very nice grey Aurelia (we think) with a roll-back canvas roof.

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