Trick my Truck Tiki Van

It's always fun when reality TV vehicles show up for sale. Recently, we featured the Astroghini from the very short-lived Ultimate Car Build Off.  Today's feature is the No Worries Tiki van from Trick my Truck, which actually stuck around for five seasons.

This was a rock band's tour van and, obviously, was fixed up with a sutf/tiki theme and some resemblance to a 50s Woody.  Needless to say, the exterior "wood" is painted on, but there are wood details on the inside.  There's also a dance floor and gaming system.

The van has found one bidder at $6K, so it seems the market will speak.  This could actually be a decent van for a surf-oriented business.  What would you do with it?  Note that the seller says it's a 1999 model, but the show said 1993.  Hmm.

Note that there is one major concern here: These images are from the show, which was about seven years ago.  What's the current condition?

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Los Angeles, CA
$6,000 with 1 bid, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

This angle shows the surf boards protruding from the rear windows, as well as the woodgrain detail.  The paint work does look impressive!

Side view reveals more wood grain.  When did you last see neon underlighting?

Don't worry, the neon is visible from the rear, too.

Here's the cockpit, complete with a combination of wood-finish paint and real bamboo.

Steering column cover is particularly impressive.

Here's the best inside view - note the "headliner" treatment and multiple tiki gods, as well as the video game system's monitors.

Apparently, this is a dance floor...

Ad text:

This ultimate 1950's woody-style Surf Van was created in 2008 by the team on the TV show "Trick My Truck" - it was the star of an entire episode in March 2008. The exterior paint is phenomenal and the interior is amazing. Pictures don't do it justice. It includes an extraordinary sound system, two full-sized flat screen TV's, DVD player, and a classic Atari gaming system. The rear has a huge slide-out plexiglas dance floor with lighting and a surf board inside. The interior has bamboo ceiling, rattan walls, wooden tiki gods with eyes that light up, Seven legal seats -- four leather seats plus a three-seat couch that converts to a queen bed. The van has a custom chrome grille, high intensity headlights, midnight blue paint with ghost flames, 20-inch chrome wheels with nearly new tires, and blue neon underbody lighting.

The exterior was painted to resemble a 1950's woody surf wagon, with remarkably intricate detail (check out the door handles!)  The paint artistry is extraordinary, both inside and out. Every inch of the interior, including the dash, is either painted to resemble wood, or is actual bamboo.

Underneath it all, it’s a 1999 Ford Econoline van that runs great and shifts smoothly. In the five years we have owned it, we've replaced the exhaust and tires. We have driven it frequently but sparingly, and maintained it carefully. The engine is an extremely reliable 4.2L V-6 which has required no major service. The roof rack that you see in some of the pictures is not included.

To see what went into this project, watch the five minute summary of the TV episode at

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