SurrealMobile Found Art Van

If you're really into found art, this is the van for you!  Given this is in Chicago, a Houstonian might consider purchasing it and moving it south to join the Art Car festivities...

The artist, who claims to be some sort of royalty, may or may not have made a name for himself around Chicago as a "found art" artist.  The van is absolutely unique, absolutely a work of art and runs.  The seller points out that it hasn't been driven regularly in two or more years and needs brakes checked, etc.

There's never been an Art Car in the Oddimotive fleet, but that doesn't mean we don't love them.  What's this worth to you?

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Chicago, IL
$3,000 BIN with offers considered and six days to go

It's impossible to catch all of the detail here, but the seller included quite a few shots and we'll pass along each angle of this beast.

Skull is a particularly nice touch on the front and the paint under the objects is pretty interesting, too.

Rear window is boarded up, presumably to make it into a better mounting surface.  Presumably, visibility has suffered.  What's that sticking up, you ask?

Ah yes, it's an upside-down mannequin.

Look, there's some glass!  Note the guitar graphic.

We assume the keyboard doesn't work; but you'll have to ask the seller.

Head on mirror is extra-creepy and must look cool in one's own rear view.

Just a planter, or some sort of satellite communication device?

This might be our favorite items - the knight with scissors.

Yes, the hood opens, but van people know the engine is mounted farther back.

Here's the good 'ol 360 (?) V8.  The seller says 350, but that's not a Dodge engine.  It's not clean, but the seller says it starts and runs.  We don't know whether an engine cover is included in the sale.

Here's the interior, to the extent it has one.  Again, it's not clear what it or isn't included in the sale.  Is this all part of the van as art, or was the owner storing extra goodies?

Ad text:


This is a one of a kind Art Car made by me: Sir Robert Buchholz : local artist,sculptor / musician / spiritual eccentric / friend to the homeless and man about town.
This van came to me in 2003 from my friend Sir Steve Philips (Guitar player from my band-The Sir Knights)

Steve and I did much art together and he started the painting on the van and sold it to me. I was inspired to do a rolling sculpture of found objects and ready-made items after visiting Tyree Guyton in Detroit in the early 80's.He created the Heidelberg Project and is a world famous artist. I have been making found object assemblages since the early 80's and have done many art shows in the Chicago land area. The Dada and Surrealist movement is a main flux for my work. I owe tribute to Salvador Dali , Max Ernst , Marcel DuChamp , Man Ray , Andy Warhol and countless others as showcased on the Surrealmobile. After several years of work and hundreds of hours of work my machine was complete. I was invited to attend Art Car shows in Louisville,Kentucky and Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 2006-2008. In 2009 there was an art car show in Berwyn ,Illinois and the Surrealmobile was photographed by the famous car spindle and was hosted by local horror show host Son Of Svengoolie ! I hope that my creation will have a new place of honor for the next owner.

Clear title / Starts / Stops / Steers
The vehicle is located in Illinois and up until a few weeks ago had not been started or ran for a few years. I put a battery in the car this past week and cranked it over and the motor started. The vehicle moves and drives but it is sold as not being road worthy until everything can be checked out on it, especially the brake system. Currently the brakes seem like they are working but after being stored for a long time, the mechanics of the vehicle will need some attention to be sure that everything is safe and reliable. Obviously the intrinsic value of the vehicle is in the car art and the fact that wherever it is parked, just about everybody will stop in their tracks to take a look.

Call or email with any questions-you are more than welcome to come by and have a look.

I may just have to park it on the steps of MCA and hope that they can give my orphan a new home !

$3000 OBO


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