XJ12 Made Into Early XJ8

Recently, we featured a drag-oriented, custom Jaguar XJS and realized that the Coupe lifestyle wasn't for everyone.  For your viewing enjoyment, we hereby present a Jaguar XJ12 sedan with a nice, big Chevy V8 and hood scoop - sadly without the big ass supercharger.

The seller claims to have recently purchased this one, but provides quite a bit of information and way too many pictures of small parts.  As a matter of fact, the seller claims that a "shit ton" of parts are to be included in the sale.  Regardless, this is claimed to be a runner, so this doesn't seem like a bad deal for someone interested in such a thing.  Who wouldn't be?

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Mar Vista, CA, USA

This classy sedan wears midnight blue very well. Hood scoop eliminates the sleeper effect, but could be worse.

From other angles, the sleeper effect is all there and we're reminded what beautiful sedans these are.

From a bit of a distance, the interior looks nice enough here.  Supposedly, it needs some finishing.

Forward-hinged hood reveals a good job finishing out the cut for the scoop.  At least this wasn't a can opener job.

Here's what the seller describes as a Chevy Edelbrock V8. Edelbrock does sell crate engines, these days, but we suspect those are just bolt-on pars.  We'd like to know a bit more about the build, but we suspect one will be able to make nice power and torque...

Ad text:

I recently acquired this XJ12 that a friend had started as a project car but needed some cash. As I have little interest in continuing the project, I am merely looking to sell the car for what I paid for it.

So I've lowered the price to exactly what I've put into it. The price will not go lower but as I do things to this car, the price will go up.

8/11/2015 Purchase Price: $2398.33
8/20/2015 Mechanic Looked at car $25.00
9/07/2015 New Fuel Pump $20.70
9/11/2015 New Fuel Filter and Power Steering Fluid $11.42
9/11/2015 NEW LISTING PRICE: $2455.45

9/7/15 Today we installed a brand new fuel pump and she runs! She's alive! 
9/11/15 Replaced fuel filter topped off power steering. (She steers nicely now. I drove her up and down the drive way hoping to shake some more spiders loose.)

I've been told this car has a newly rebuilt transmission and starter, with what looks like a Chevy Edlebrock 350 V8. It still needs a lot of work but needs very little to make it a daily drivable car (most of it is interior cosmetic).

The body is in amazing condition and has not been in an accident but there are signs of rust.

She had the carburetor upgraded to be a hot-rod hood (original hood though) which gives this car tons of personality.

With this car, you're going to get a shit ton of parts and odds and ends. Here is a list of the things that will be coming with the car, from what I can piece together from invoices (one of them alone is for over $800 in parts) packing slips and good old fashioned understanding:

New (Used but pristine) Rear View Mirror
New (Used but pristine) Rear Door Open Rods and Clips left and Right Side
New (Used but pristine) Left Front Under Dash Trim
New Left Gas Tank
New Left Sender Unit
New (and Used) Tank Fittings
New 2 Infinity REF 5002ix Speakers
New 2 Kicker CS54 Speakers
Used Alpine CD Player
New Seat Belts (All Five)
New Shifter Knob (Wood)
Turn Indicator Mechanisms (Plastic Bag full of wires and levers)
Some Hyper Blue Led Lights (???) (In case you want to turn this classic into a early 2000's techno rave?)
Left/Right turn indicator Lever
Some on/off switch and wiring
Some black thing (particle board?)
Another black thing (plastic)
Mr. Gasket Easy Flow Air Cleaner (Installed)
Some electrical doohickey that looks like it might control the door locks
Chrome Polish
Plastic Bits
Air Cleaner Adapter and Riser Kit (Installed)
New RainX Windshield Wipers
Gunk Glass Cleaner
Scott Pro Towels (Unopened)
Turtle® Headlight Lens Restorer
399 Piece electrical kit with all sorts of cool shit like zip ties
Jaguar XJ12 Automotive Repair Manual
A grody Black thing
A plastic bag of screws
Seatbelt covers
Rotten Gas Pedal thing
assorted pieces of metal
Chrome Stereo Face thing
Jack Kit

The extras alone are worth over $1,000.

This is a fixer car, but has amazing potential especially with all the work already gone into it. It is currently not up to date on its registration but the title is in my possession, and the car has been recently registered NonOperational. Having it towed will require a flat bed.

Hit me up if you're interested in inheriting this veritable treasure trove for an insanely low price. $2,455.55.

I also might be willing to trade for the right Vespa or Karmann Ghia. Let's talk.

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