Homemade Mini Bus!

We like any vehicle ad with the statement "you have the option of sticking your head out the roof while driving."  In this case, the ad relates to a mini bus estimated to be fourteen feet long and about five feet tall.  Unless the man standing behind it is seven feet tall, we think the height estimate is off by about a foot.

Apparently, this is electric and charges off a 110-volt outlet.  No information on top speed, range or street legality is offered by the seller, but we don't imagine this is street legal.  If it has the range, this would be a delightfully strange addition to your town's Fourth of July parade.  The only other use we can think of involves a "free candy" sign and is not recommended.

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Los Angeles, CA

Note the person for scale.

Here, you can compare the size vs. the GM abomination next to it.

From this angle, it looks like the real deal.

And from this one, too.

Interior appears about as basic as one would expect, but the fire extinguisher is a nice touch!

This bus has some sort of suspension and a differential!

Ad text:

This very unique and one-of-a-kind bus will make a a great mobile marketing vehicle or a fun ride to cruise around town in with your kids or wife. 

It runs and plugs into any 110 outlet. There is side door which opens and the bus will comfortably accommodate 2 people. You have the option of sticking your head out the roof while driving. 

This bus is approximately 14ft. long and 5ft. tall. 

The bus is located in the South Bay and can be viewed during the week before 3pm and anytime on weekends except evenings. It is being sold as is and with a bill of sale. This bus cost a fortune to be built and cars like these are rarely for sale. 

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