Custom VW Beetle Pickup (NOT a TDI!)

We love homemade cars here at Oddimotive, even when the chassis is based on a production car, homemade bodies make us smile.  Today's feature is a 1967 Beetle, but it's been built into a completely useless, highly upright pickup, somewhat reminiscent of a 1920s truck.  Okay, it's not completely useless, it'll get you to Cars and Coffee - where it will get a lot of attention - and back.  Isn't that all you really need?

The seller says this "truck" drives well and only needs a handbrake adjustment.  This little cruiser is otherwise good to go and includes an upgraded 1971 1600 engine.  The seller points out that it's all steel and the work does look good, even if the decision to proceed with the project was questionable on any logical level.  Who needs logic?

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Medord, NY, USA
$7,900 BIN with offers considered and 7 days to go

We see some Model T here, and we see no bumper whatsoever.

The bed won't hold much, but the Beetle wouldn't have supported much payload capacity anyway.  We love the stacks!

Ready for some wheelies?  The wheelbase seems to have been shortened.

Fancy, patterned seats might be from a boat, which should mean they're durable.  High-mounted, electric fan is the only AC you'll have in this beast.

The truck features a full array of gauges in its tiny cockpit.  Are those knee pads for the passenger?

Ad text:

“Reliable driver, needs e-brake handle fixed. Oil temp and speedo work intermitantly, odometer adds mileage properly. Paint is good ratrod condition....except a bit on the pugs nose[see pic] but absolutely NO rust anywhere!”

Sending off a 1967 custom VW based pickup. An all steel fabrication. It has a 1971 1600cc dual port engine and transaxle. A [little] dash full of gauges and a ''cozy' cabin.......even cozier if you're over 5' 10'' and 180 lbs. It steers, stops and drives along an early beetle.  No windows or heater but who cares!  It's one-of-a-kind, simple, and cheap to keep. Any questions cheerfully answered by email or  ringing me at 63one-xxx-xxxx. Come see it, or send someone to check it out on Long Island, NY 11763. Sold with a transferrable NY registration, as NY did not title vehicles until 1974.  It is also advertised locally and may pulled early. A very special vehicle. Cheers

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