Cool 1940 Dodgem Bumper Car

This isn't our first bumper car feature (or even our second), but it's the first that isn't already a drivable "car" of some sort.  This one sounds like a bit of a project, but it's damn cool!

Dodgem was a relatively common brand of bumper cars back in the day and, apparently, is sort of like "Kleenex" in the UK, where the whole ride is called Dodgems.  The seller suggests a few ways to build this into a drivable vehicle and states that the wood floor needs work, but everything else is in good shape.  The next owner will need to decide whether to clean it up and paint it or keep the patina.  Either way, this will be something completely unnecessary and very cool!

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Enumclaw, WA, USA (huh?)
$660 with 8 bids, reserve not met and 5 days to go

Styling on this is classic - not like the bass boat fiberglass ones with which I grew up (those are cool, too, BTW).  Hopefully, the wood floor referenced by the seller isn't just the pallet.

Here's the front, complete with "grill" and Dodgem logo.

Profile is pure bumper car and metal does appear to be in good shape.

Other side looks good, too.  Is anyone else really intrigued by this "car's" surroundings?

This is as close as we get to an "interior" shot.  Also, note the missing power pole.  This is a BYOPP project.

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1940 Dodgem bumper car - Bought three from an old timer that wanted to sell them all together.  Selling this one, my plan is to do a father/daughter project so she can go to car shows with me and have something to show.  She is getting her start with something small so she doesn't burn out on a big project.  You can use a riding lawn mower, go-cart or golf cart chassis.  Wood is bad on the floor, metal is heavy and in good shape, only rust I see is surface rust.  Stainless steel looks good.  Could do a rat rod or restore to original condition.

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