Beetle Plus Jaguar V12 Equals...?

Many a Jaguar XJ-S has given up its V12 and received a small block Chevy engine, but we have always assumed the V12s were scrapped.  Whomever built this car snapped one up and stuck it into a highly modified Beetle!

Why do we say highly modified?  Well, this car now has its engine at the other end of the car, cooled by liquid and possessing three times the cylinders in a different configuration (vee, versus horizontally opposed).  For good measure, it has an automatic transmission behind it, which is probably also a deviation from stock.

Did we miss anything?  the seller provides shockingly little information; so we certainly don't know!

Notably, the seller says what you see atop the engine is a "custom made intake with three 4barrel carbs", but that "only one is functional."  Why all the work and looks with only one working?!?  Oh well, we applaud the creativity, even if the pictures don't allow us to assess the quality of the work.

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Butler, IN, USA
$2,025 with sixteen bids, reserve not met and six days to go

No sleeper here.  This Beetle does nothing to hide its engine.

yes, it might even be a bit longer than stock (?).

Massive fender flares presumably help with traction, especially with most of the weight removed from the rear (depending on how much gas is in the tank?).

Yep, one more shot.

Ad text:

“Custom Frame, Used V12, Custom built”

1968 Custom VW Beetle.   Custom made frame, Jaguar independent rear suspension,  Automatic trans, 1974 Jaguar V12, Custom made intake with three 4barrel carbs (only one is functional).   bucket seats,  rear fenders widened 8",

Removable steering wheel, Autometer gages.    Nice driving rat rod, street rod,  Titled as a 1968 Vw Beetle.

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