Astroghini: The Lambo Van

It seems this van was once on a TV show - funny how quickly we all forget.  Anyway, it's an Astro minivan made to look sorta-kinda like a Lamborghini and with very few functional doors.

The seller says this needs to be trailered home, but it's not clear whether that's just because it has no glass, or if there's another problem.  The seller does also say it runs "good."  The title is still in the name of "Gwars Productions", which seems to indicate it's never been sold before, even though a quick Google search shows at least one previous attempt.  Does this have anything to do with the band???

The TV show in question was the creatively named "Ultimate Car Build Off", which lasted one season (ten episodes).  This van was featured on the first episode.

If you're the one person out there who longs for the show's return, maybe this van makes sense for you.  Otherwise, it's hard to imagine who might use it.  Surely, you can find an excuse at $1,500.  The 4.3L V6 should soup of pretty nicely, but, really, this seems like a good MR candidate, as long as you also make the rear doors functional for engine service.

Click for eBay ad
East Hampstead, NH, USA
$1,500 with ZERO bids and 6.5 days to go

Top has been chopped eight inches and vehicle has been lowered six.  The front does show the Lamborghini influence.

Side view shows the chop and the aggressive-for-an-Astro wheels.  The lack of a rear door is normal here.

No opening door here...

The sliding door on longer opens - note the glass.

Cluster is...interesting and interior was never finished out.

Roll cage extends into the unfinished - and essentially inaccessible - rear.

Ad text:

One of a kind for sure
1994 Chevy Astro Van
This van was built on the discovery show called Ultimate car build off. About 4-5 years ago
Was named Astroghini on the show
Runs & drives good. Van has a 4.3 engine, automatic, ps,pb.
Nice project for someone who wants a real one of a kind
Top was chopped 8" & suspension was dropped 6"
Retains factory windshield. Which they laid it back ( nice job too )
Rear & back side door are welded shut
Roll cage inside
Interior is gutted out
Will need to be trailered home
No glass in doors
Have title in Gwars Productions name
Last chance to buy this one 
Get your better half permission before you bid
No reserve so bid to win 

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