A Jeremy Clarkson Tribute Car?

The art in the first image is what grabbed our attention, but any Reliant Robin is a worth Oddimobile.  As a bonus, this ad also contains irony.

It appears that this shop recently took their two Robins to the Concours d'Lemons and the Little Car Show, so they've been getting out.  The Clarkson graphic is not in all of the pics in the ad, but does appear in the show videos provided in the ad.  We've seen this car for sale off and on for months; so we imagine the ad pics are older.

This is a rare Robin Super Van and the seller claims most went to the British postal service.  Condition appears to be great - you'll just have to decide whether it's worth anything near the asking price.  This is a 1975 model year, so that's good news for CA residents.

Click for eBay ad
Anaheim, CA, USA
$13,990 BIN with offers considered and 9 days to go

This is pure genius!

The "eyes" are a sunshade and visible in other pics.  Pretty cool for this car!  As you can see, the body looks straight and the paint looks very good.

Here's that irony.

Contrasting piping is nice and the interior looks great overall (for a Reliant).

Yes, this has a back seat!

...and that back seat has storage space behind it.  This is a "van", after all.

This Robin has an engine!

Ad text:


Thanks for visiting our listing for an often hilariously tortured piece of British motoring history. 

You’ve seen Reliants on Top Gear, Mr. Bean and Fools and Horses on the BBC but they are nearly impossible to find in the US. 

This Robin was a hit at Car Week in Monterey 2015 and we had a blast meeting so many nice people.  

We had this car in the paddock at Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historic races serving as a shuttle along with our Reliant Regal to the delight of tons of racers and race fans. 

We next attended the Little Car Show in Pacific Grove, a sold out affair in its sixth year, and WON! “Most Smiles per Mile” along with a member award.  We’re told this is their version of Best in Show.  Wow, what an honor!

We also attended the Concours d’LeMons.  We had a great time and lots of people got to meet, sit in and get photos with the Reliants.  It’s the opposite of a real concours where the truly awful are the winners.  Thankfully we were not called to the podium.

This is a very early 1975 model Robin SuperVan.  This is not a converted Royal Mail vehicle. It is Right Hand Drive.

Clear Title
This Robin has a clear and clean California title and registration.  The current California motorcycle license plate is included. 

Low Mileage
Less than 75,000 miles accumulated in the last 40 years.  An average of less than 1900 miles per year, this Robin has been babied.

High optioned
748 cc 4 cylinder engine
4 Speed manual transmission operates smoothly.  
Rear folding seat
Bluetooth Handsfree audio system
Original Owners Manual

Top Gear Memorabilia including the Reliant Robin Rocket
Hot Wheels Popa Wheelie die cast model
Disney Car Eyes Sunshade
Complete Build Book with receipts, photos and memorabilia. 

Micro cars are the new collector car to have. They are fun, attention getting crowd pleasers that are always welcome at car shows and always draw a crowd.

Dale reviewed this Reliant Robin in detail.  Here are his impressions of the car and the market:

Today we are checking out a very cool 1975 Reliant Robin SuperVan.  This rare car has an enthusiastic worldwide following due in part to all of the attention on the BBC shows like Top Gear and Mr. Bean.

Were not sure how many of these panel van models were produced but reportedly very few outside of the Royal Mail fleet.  Equipped with the desirable folding rear seat, this van can go from light deliveries to comfortably (?) carrying 5 people. Where else can 5 people, ride a motorcycle, in the rain, without a helmet, at 70 MPH, while getting 70 MPG, and not get wet?

Most collector cars are impractical to utilize as daily drivers, however, the Reliant remains in service throughout England and India.  Many of these cars have over 200,000 thousand miles on them, as their owners found them reliable, economical, sporty, unique, practical and most of all fun to drive.  

This example shows very, very low mileage on the odometer, at just 74600 miles.  

A complete restoration was begun in 2014 and completed this year.

This car features the factory Red paint.  The fiberglass body was completely stripped, repaired and resprayed.  After a month of curing, the car was color sanded and polished to a high lustre.  She rides on factory steel wheels, hub caps and new tires.  

The interior is in superb shape.  Fresh seating and carpeting and wall covering abound. A bluetooth radio is a nice touch for handsfree phone calls. RIGHT HAND DRIVE!  Factory floor shifter.  Original gauges in place.  Trim is excellent.   Fresh tune and oil change by local British shop.  

This car runs, drives and stops exactly like it is supposed to do. Everything works the way it was intended by the manufacturer.

The Build book is complete with many pictures along the way, a photo disc, period adverts, receipts, the owner’s manual and lots of history.

If you follow the collector car market, you know micro cars are on the rise.  They are easy to own, store, insure and resell.

Note: This Robin has not been shot into space or tipped over by Top Gear or anyone else. Read the wiki below if you believe Jeremy Clarkson was really able to tip a Robin on Top Gear. Spoiler Alert, it was rigged for TV!

Want to check out the history of the Reliant Robin? Check out Wikipedia here.

Check out our youtube tour here

Here’s a couple of videos from our Monterey trip
The Little Car Show
Concours d‘LeMons

Here’s a fun news piece in USA today with our Reliant Regal

Yes, we would consider renting one or both of our Reliants for your event, movie or almost any other nonsense.  They do draw large crowds of smiling people. 

Thanks for checking out our listing!  Thank you for supporting Workshops for Warriors

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Please come and see this car in person or send your inspector.  We’re happy to show her off!

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