90s Accord Convertible

Do you love the 90-93 Accord like we do?  Sure, it was a front driver and only offered four cylinder engines; but, from a design perspective, this was the pinnacle for Accord.  We call it the Euro Accord.  So, if you love it, too, have you ever wondered what it would look like topless?  Wonder no more!

We respect the fact that someone pondered what this good-looking coupe would look like topless, and we respect the work that went into it; but, as always, the end result of custom chop jobs is questionable in many ways.

First, it's almost impossible to fashion an OEM-quality top for a homemade convertible.  So, they either end up very boxy with full coverage, nonexistent or they only provide partial coverage, as is the case with this car.  Second, trim panels around the opening don't exist for sale and choppers often don't bother to fabricate them.  This is interesting, considering there's usually no top mechanism around which to work.  Third, structural rigidity is almost always compromised.  And, fourth, the final aesthetic often just isn't all that great.

The seller of this car provides only a few mediocre pictures, but we can still see that this car suffers from some of the usual afflictions.  As discussed, the top is comically small, like a Boxster Spyder's.  From what we can tell in the pictures, the finishing is lacking, too.  Finally, the seller claims that the structure has been reinforced, and it appears there is a roll bar present; but we wonder just how rigid it could be...

All that being said, the car is unique, cheap and has a manual trans.  If that's enough for you, go for it!

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La Verne, CA, USA

This was always Oddimotive's favorite Accord generation, but we're not sure it needed chopping.

The top reminds us of a Boxster Spyder, but this one's probably less functional.

Front end shows cosmetic mods and that non-matching top/trim.

When I read 1,000 watts and don't see big, brand-name amps, I assume the seller has spend time on Amazon buying those modern Pyle or Pyramid products with huge output promises.  Regardless, the good news here is the manual shifter.

Ad text:

A unique one of a kind Honda it's been converted from a Honda Accord Coupe. it has new paint, navigation system, Bluetooth cd/dvd 1000 watt amplifier with to 12 inch Sony Xplod in a JL Audio box. This project was just completed and has all the reinforcements needed when cutting off a top of a car. It also has 18 inch 225/40 tires new brakes new brake booster newer


  1. As my very southern Grandmother used to say when talking about a decision by someone that proved less than optimal, "Well bless their heart".

  2. A) Looks alarmingly like a Cutlass Supreme convert from the same time frame.
    B) The 1986 - 1989 Accord was the highpoint of Accordness IMHO.