Triumph TR-6 with Nissan RB25DET Power!

Many a Triumph has seen upgrades over the years, often with American V8 power; but this owner took a different approach.  Purists may not like Japanese power in a TR, but this seems like the best way to get monster power into this while appearing somewhat stock and maintaining the smooth inline six cylinder theme.

The seller includes lots of background and it sounds like everything was well though out in this build. Brakes and suspension have been upgraded to handle the additional power, which is great news.  The attention to detail seems excellent here, as popping the hood doesn't reveal a giant "NISSAN" logo or excessively modern/painted appearance.  Many parts were polished and/or hidden to appear vintage.

We love the end result, but we wonder what the market will say about final value.  It's too bad this isn't on eBay with a low starting bid, in which case we'd find out the value.

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South Pasadena, CA, USA
$45,000 OBO

The TR6 has truly classic British roadster lines.

Profile looks essentially stock, although the roll bar and racing seats are visible here.  Sadly, the Union Jack is missing.

Tire and wheel upgrades are visible here, but the proportions work and one would just think the upgrades were mild.

Front end is all classic Triumph.

Center exhaust is a nice, classy touch - much better than a fart can!

Non-stock dash might have been needed in order to move the engine back?  That's not clear.  If not necessary, we'd prefer to see a more original interior.

Racing seats with harnesses are a welcome sight in something with this power-to-weight ratio.

This is an amazing swap and looks as close to correct as this engine ever could.

Brakes have been upgraded, thankfully.

Everything looks clean, tight and tidy.

Ad text:

This is the most sophisticated Triumph TR6 conversion every built. Certainly is the only one in existence. Project cost true fully over $95K and much careful planning and refinements over time.
It was professionally done by a local custom car shop in Azusa, CA. Photo of different stages are posted in the shop's website. The shop's info will be given to serious buyer in respect to the shop's from work interruptions This is very unique and well rewarded accomplishment for everyone who contributed their efforts. It's is fast , drives solid , cruises quietly and smooth at 70 mph at only 2500 rpm - yes good gas mileage for type of performance and exempt from CA smog. Car has been driven regularly and very fun. Not only just a conversion but much on capturing details of vintage racing and refinishing of the engine to look raw aluminum finish that contrasted with the beautiful British green similar to old Jaguar , Aston Martin engine bay . It does not look Japanese . Yes, this car can be track ready or a joy ride to see Panama Canal or visit the ladies in Central America . It's art of automobile .

The stock drive train is fresh 30,000km Nissan Skyline GTR RD25 DET turbo charged engine with Greddy intake and drive train from Japan . It is bullet proof , much desired and reliable . Parts are easily available . Biggest intercooler possible proper fitted . Engine behind front suspension for balance and handling . Stock turbine has been replaced with custom made turbine for higher performance ability and durability . 

The car was track tested for safety after the conversion , performance and refinements as necessary .

Then the entire car was stripped and acid solution dipped to remove all pre-existing body work , corrosion and rust from hidden areas. This process cost $4500 alone. Then the high quality frame off restoration begins with modifications to dash and additional circles below front grill and opening for center tail pipe to give maximum ground clearance with custom made exhaust brackets for stainless exhaust system. Process are supported by shop's posted photos. The car looks as impressive on the bottom as on top. Custom dash and interior without compromise to details . Finishing with canvas convertible top . it basically a brand new European sleeper hot rod .

In photos, notice the lower rear suspension arms are custom made raw polished alum with coil over shocks and disc brakes all around . 

Skyline 5 speed manual transmission with independence suspension limited slip 3:25 gear ratio rear end. 

Interior is insulated with heat/sound shield insulation . 

Body is laser straight and very detailed and nicely crafted for show.

This is a very special project very few dear to accomplish and has the ability to put this kind of money for the love of challenges and fun . This car is not for everyone. But for that special person who has the wealth of $45K as toy money and share the same interest and dare to unique and passion for fun, this is actually a bargain of a century that is turn key ready. Power to weight ratio is deathly. blow-off valve whistles as you shift with make that modern sport car think twice before the lights turn green. 

Can is currently registered, insured, and clear CA titled . No test rides unless has $45K cash in hand .
Will not tolerate negative opinions . 

Will only meet at busy public place for safety . Will go over this car in the most honest details as possible . 

Asking $45,000 or best offer

Best reach me by phone ( 626 ) xxx - xxxx

Scca custom racing 

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