Three on the RV Tree: Econoline Pickup RV

Anyone can find a Volkswagen Westfalia Camper, your host included, but this is a bit more unusual.  Ask yourself when you last saw an Econoline pickup, then whether you've ever seen an RV version.

This truck features an inline six (mid-mounted, of course) with a three-speed manual and column shift.  The seller provides very little info, but indicates that this vehicle is not currently running.  This looks like it could be homemade and the seller doesn't claim to know.  There is a reference to Kamp King Koaches in the Q&A section, but we don't see anything quite like this - professionally-made RVs tended to have more windows and ventilation, from what we can tell.

Regardless, this is in need of a lot of fix-up; but, if it sells, the new owner will have to decide what that means.  This should live on as a functional camper, so why do a full "restoration", when you can clean it up, modernize the interior and get it running reliably, possibly with some upgrades?  Considering it would not be cheap to do all that, what's this worth to you?

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Portales, NM, USA
$1,000 with one bid, reserve not met and four days to go

Does YOUR car have a patio door?

Not the aerodynamic rise in the top, and attempt to ignore the gouge in the side of the camper.

Front end is all Econoline and features a front spare mount - without a spare.

Rear end is, shall we say, more functional than stylish.

Cab and controls should be familiar with anyone who spent time around one of these vans or trucks.

Millennials may wonder what that center "seat" does.

Yes, it covers the mid-mounted engine!  That was generally a warm place to sit.

Patio door does feature a screen, which is necessary for camping.

Behold the wood paneling!  Shall we head inside - perhaps for some free candy?

There's a place to sleep and what appears to be a fridge.  This shot clearly shows this is no camper shell - it's open to the cab.

Looking to the right, we see a sink and stove.  So far, this offers exactly what a Westy offers in terms of amenities, just in a larger and less efficient shape (how non-German).

The cabinet look much more homebrew versus a Westy, but there is some storage.

The top unit appears to be a fridge, but we're not sure about the bottom.  It looks vaguely like an ice maker, but we doubt that's what it is.

Westfalia owners will consider this a money shot.  Yes, this camper has a toilet of some sort - something VW couldn't fit.  As far as we can tell, there's no shower, though.

Ad text:

1965 Ford Econoline Pickup RV for sale. 

240 6-cyclinder motor does start 
3 speed on the column transmission
Brakes work 
mileage--77109--have no knowledge if this is actual or not
Needs total restoration.   This vehicle is a one of a kind vehicle.  For more information call Bill

Located in Portales, NM    88130

Q: Is this a factory one or did someone make it

A: In our opinion it came from the factory this way. We have looked and looked trying to find another one like this and haven't. We did find Kamp King Koaches with similar ones. 

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