Semi-Famous Oddity: 1960 Electric Micro-Car

This car is something of a mystery, even though it was featured on the TV show American Restoration.  It was referred to as an Electric Mini-Car, but that seems to be a generic descriptor.  Regardless, about $18K was spent restoring it and the original fiberglass body sits on a new frame with new motor, batteries, brake system and just about everything else.

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You can watch the American Restoration episode at the following link:

And then you can ponder whether the car was worth $7K before restoration to make it worth the $25K asking price.  Hopefully, there's some wiggle room in the ask?

One concern here is that the pics appear to be from the original delivery on the show.  Hopefully, nothing has changed for the worse, as the episode aired in January of 2014.  If the owners really took it to all those car shows, you'd think they would have taken a few pictures...

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Orange, CA, USA

This has some Electra-King resemblance in its simplicity, but there were three-wheelers.  This won't win any design competitions, but it's a cool little microcar.

The profile reveals a "forwards or backwards" style.

This is a pic from the delivery...

Here's the only real close-up.  Sadly, there are no interior or mechanical shots.

Ad text:

1960s Rare Electric mini vintage car, fully restored! 100% pro restored.
Street legal, and ready to drive. No gas needed, no maintenance. Charge anywhere, built in charger.
Great neiborhood or local community car.

Car was on TV, history Channel. American Restoration, restored by world famous Ricks Restorations out of Las Vegas.

Car can reach 40 MPH, has disc brakes and seat belts.
Custom pinstriping 
Custom interior, and paint 
Crager rims.
Updated/new electronics , new batteries. 
Has paperwork and will offer bill of sale. 
One of a kind - $25,000 great price for rare piece of American history.

Will consider unquie trades

Text or email for details. Great car! Drive anywhere!

Car was built in Huntington Beach

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