Redonkulous, Oversized Ford Pickup

Does your neighbor's new one-ton dually make your 3/4-ton pickup look puny?  Maybe you need this Ford F800 with a custom, 14.5-foot bed.

We all know there are full-size truck buyers who actually use trucks and then there are the 85% of the private truck market for whom these are all about masculinity defined by size.  This truck, then, should do the trick!  Call...umm...Linda and this could be yours.

The seller claims recent upholstery and audio work and indicates that the seats are both air ride.  The Fuller 10-speed transmission should be a learning experience for anyone not used to driving commercial trucks.  Actually, that begs the question - do you need a special license to drive this for private use?

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Nuevo, CA, USA (Perris/Hemet area)
$1 (which means no price listed)

This should outdo your suburban neighbor AND be suitably difficult to park.

Note the side-mounted fuel tanks for cred at The Flying J truck stop.

Front is all stock F800 and big enough to make a statement.

Rear is pretty much what you'd expect and shows of its dually-ness.  How, exactly, is one supposed to load anything into this bed by hand?

If you can lift your cargo high enough, you'll find plenty of cargo space in this massive (and nicely lined) bed.

Interior is stock F800, which means utilitarian and functional.  Note massive shifter.

Yes, the hood tilts forward, as it very well should on a truck of this size.  That reveals the large-displacement turbo-diesel.

Ad text:

One of a kind. . . .1989 Ford F800 custom stretch 14.5' bed with a spray on black bed liner. 
Just testing the waters here to see what kind of offers I get. Would be willing to trade for Dodge Diesel 4 door.

7.8 Ford Diesel Inline 6
Fuller 10 speed
Rockwell 342 Ratio rear-end
New upholstery on bucket seats
Both seats air ride
K&N air filter
New Stereo & speakers
Smog exempt
Current registration

Call or txt: 951-xxx-xxxx Linda

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