Pontiac What?? Yes, it's a Laurentian!

The Laurentian was Pontiac's full-size car in Canada for decades and usually based on a large Chevrolet platform, although the sheet metal made it look like US Pontiacs.  Why all the work to create something so similar?  We don't know.  Presumably, plant capacity played a role.

This 1970 Laurentian is essentially an Impala in Pontiac clothes and the 454 should put out prodigious torque.  The car has some subtle upgrades which pass as stock,  including high performance exhaust manifolds and dual exhaust.  Unless you're a Canadian Pontiac show judge, however, you won't know it's been modified.  Add in the sleeper look with dark paint and steelies and we're in love.

Bidding is at $8,600 USD with reserve not met.  We don't know the market for Canada-only muscle cars, but that seems like it's still low for a pretty serious muscle car.  Bring this bad boy to the US and by the only one at your local show!

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
$8,600 with two bids, reserve not met and 1/2 day to go

Remember when two-door cars could be this big?  We love the color, especially with the steelies and hubcaps.

This monster has nice, big dual exhaust, which could pass for stock - that's the way we like our muscle cars.

How's this for a monster front end?

The interior is pretty much what you'd expect in a land yacht, complete with bench seat, column shifter, sweep speedometer and a bit of faux wood.

Hopefully, this isn't showing kilometers per hour - it's a little old for that and the maximum would be very low.

Because this is based on a Chevrolet, it has a Chevrolet engine.  In this case, a 454!

Here's a closeup of the badge.

Ad text:

1970 Pontiac Laurentian, produced by General Motors of Canada.  Canadian Pontiac's were built on a Chevrolet platform, so this is in many ways a 1970 Impala with Pontiac sheetmetal.  The Canadian Pontiac lineup was Parisienne at the top, Laurentian in the middle, and Strato-Chief at the lower end.  There are many similarities of this car and the Pontiac Catalina, as they share the same interior trim.

This car was ordered back in 1969 for the owner to drive between Ontario Canada and Florida where he spent the winter months.  It is sparsely equipped, with only the 345 hp LS4 454 engine, Turbo 400 transmission, AM/FM radio and Cruise Control as options.  The car is manual steering & manual drum brakes, and rides on BF Goodrich T/A P235/70R15 tires (including the spare tire).  The exterior is Verdero Geen Metallic, and the interior is Medium Gold cloth.

Since acquiring the car in 2011, the following has been done:

New belts & hoses,

New plugs, points, condensor, rotor, cap & wires,

Original 2 core radiator replaced with 3 core,

New brakes including master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, shoes, springs & drums,

New shocks,

Fluids changed,

Fuel tank sending unit replaced,

Transmission kick-down switch replaced,

Fuel pump replaced,

Dash replaced,

Signal switch replaced,

Steering wheel replaced,

Front arm rests replaced,

Cruise control module replaced,

Battery replaced,

Heater core replaced,

Door weather stripping replaced,

Trunk weather stripping replaced.

The previous owner had the dual exhaust installed (2.5” headpipes, 2.25” tailpipes), and as there is no power steering box in the way the drivers side exhaust manifold was replaced with a better flowing Chevelle/Camaro manifold.

Everything is in working order, and cruise control holds its speed very nicely.

Engine (345 hp LS4 454), Transmission (CB code Turbo 400) & Differential (12 bolt, 2.56:1 non-posi) are numbers matching.  The 454V fender emblems are stock (and rare), and a 454 emblem in the nose has been added.

In June 2014 the vehicle was driven from Calgary AB to Wichita KS and displayed at the Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI) meet.  The vehicle won its Popular Vote 1967 - 70 Full Size Cars class.

Documented by GM of Canada, only 221 1970 Full Size Canadian Pontiac's were equipped with the 345 hp LS4 454 engine, with very few of those being the Laurentian 2dr Sport Coupe.  This is rare example of a bare bones car with the big motor.  The black wall tires and dog dish hubcaps really give this the sleeper look.  Paint is appx 20 years old, but still shows nicely.  Will include both Canadian sales brochures as seen in the photo's, as well as nice owners & service manuals that cover this model.

Vehicle is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I will assist the purchaser with shipping, but it is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange shipping, customs, import, taxes, duties, etc.

If any other questions, you may call me at 403-xxx-xxxx.

$2500 deposit to be paid within 24 hours of auction close.  Full payment required within 7 days of auction close.

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