OC Fairgrounds Cars and Coffee #1 (August 22, 2015)

Today was the inaugural OC Cars and Coffee event at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  The event was certainly a success.  There were some issues around getting everyone (C&C exhibitors and spectators in, plus swap meet folks) into the event, but that can be worked out.  The Ruby's Diner food truck was a great touch!  The Oddimotive 280Z was present, but I didn't get any pics...


Those of us involved in naming the Nissan Rogue a while back remember this coming up when screening the name.

This Saab 95 was among the coolest of the Oddimobiles at the show.

V4 for the win!

A Type 34 Karmann Ghia is a rare sight indeed.

And it's cool from every angle.

Rambler Cross Country - does it get much cooler?  Note that the car next to it is a Scamp, not a Dart!  Both of these had inline sixes for additional odd factor.

Rear of the Rambler is particularly funky.

This isn't exactly an Oddimobile, but who doesn't love Steve McQueen's XKSS?


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