Major Want: Sleeper Fairmont Wagon

For most people, the Ford Fairmont is completely forgettable, yet it did bring us the Fox platform, which underpinned Mustangs, Capris, Thunderbirds and Cougars for arguably too long (not to mention the Zephyr!).  Today's feature is a Fairmont wagon with 302 crate engine, 5-speed manual and limited-slip differential.  We like.

The seller claims that damn near everything mechanical was new a few years ago.  These were available with a more anemic version of the 302; but we imagine this started life with a lesser engine and an automatic trans.  We wholeheartedly approve of this build!

The body has plenty of flaws; so the next owner will need to decide whether to keep the beater appearance for a sleeper effect or to finish it out a bit nicer.  The ten-hole Mustang wheels look good on the car, but they almost give away too much.

The Oddimotive vision: Do a decent paint job in a nice medium blue to look bone stock and apply some widened steel wheels with boring stock hubcaps.  Keep the exhaust hidden or fabricate something that looks stock, but hides the beast beneath.

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Odenville, AL, USA
$6,500 BIN price with 20 days to go

The Fairmont never had an exciting shape; but its straight lines are a throwback today.

Ignore the Mustang wheels and there's nothing exciting about styling from this angle, except for the welcome sight of a wagon shape.

Full blue interior is fantastic and condition appears to be pretty good.  Velour seats will hold you in place better than vinyl or leather.  Crank windows mean four fewer things to go wrong.

Here's the money shot with the manual shifter.  It looks like a Hurst unit and we like the retro ball.

The tach is a welcome sight!  It looks like a full Mustang instrument cluster was swapped in.

One piece rear bench likely folds down, as in all wagons.  Leg room isn't bad here, either,  and a baby seat should fit without trouble.  This looks like original vinyl, so the front seats were likely swapped from another car.

There's plenty of cargo space here if you want to use this as your parts hauler.  Note the lack of exposed dual exhaust, too.

This pretty much looks like an '85 Mustang GT, which is a good thing.  That was the last year for the big four-barrel carb.  The owner claims that the crate engine was advertised at 340HP.  Regardless of the actual number, this has plenty of power and torque if it's tuned well.

Ad text:

1981 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon... Ford Racing 302/340 horse power crate motor.... Ford Racing T5Z five speed transmission with Hurst shifter..... 8.8 3.55 tracloc rear axle.... When I built the car a few years ago, the engine, transmission, tires, suspension, steering and brakes components where all brand new..

Air Conditioning..Power steering, power brakes, exhaust system and fuel tank all new.. ..New dash pad, carpet, and headliner..Pioneer AM-FM CD player...Mustang instrument cluster and bucket seats... Body has dings and scrapes.. Some of the interior is worn.... No rust....See photos.
This car was built seven or so years ago but, driven very little. .....Please look over the pictures and ask any questions 205 xxx xxxx.. Thanks for looking.


  1. I'm with you on the swap to steel wheels and hubcaps. Paint it the ubiquitous powder blue, maybe add a little wood paneling and show some teenager in a fart can Nissan that this is how you do it without pissing off the elders.