How About a Joat?

Or is it a Beep?  Either way, it's a Jeep made into a boat.  Clearly, this project started with too much free time and "hold my beer."  Interestingly, this redneck is in Massachusetts.  This is no Amphicar competitor, by the way, as it appears that it must be trailered to move on the road.  As such, its wheels will rotate almost as much as those of  most of the high-dollar cars just sold at the Monterrey Auctions (admittedly, those do at least roll on and off their trailers).

Basically, this has bits of Jeep CJ, bits of a personal watercraft and windsurfing boards, plus an outboard engine.  What could go wrong?

The seller claims much attention and many photos.  We have no reason to doubt that.  Interestingly, the seller also seems to think the next owner could somehow become the next Walt Disney by owning this thing.  Why hasn't that happened to him or her?

We won't even try to put a value on this, but we will state that perfectly nice 18-foot boats with four times the horsepower of this thing seller for similar prices.  This is a novelty purchase, however, and you already know if you're the next owner who "just has to have it."

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North Brookfield, MA, USA
$11,000 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

Yes, it's floating in this pic!

Here's the outboard engine.  We assume the "roll bar" is there to add some rigidity.

Strange from any angle.

Yes, it has its own trailer!  Now you can see the windsurfing boards.

The tubes are not side pipes, as the engine is in the back.  Are they floatation devices?

Tie-in bumpers are a nice touch!  We've always been tempted to put these on 70s land yachts.  The seats might has come from an Appalachian wedding chapel.

Yes, this keep only has 50 horsepower!  That's not terrible on the water, though.  Interior looks mostly custom, as the giant, centrally-mounted CJ speedo isn't there.

Ad text:

One of a kind custom made Jeep Ski Boat,  Runs / rides excellent!  Jeep Collectors  need something to set your Jeep apart from the others? This would look pretty slick even out of the water getting towed behind or at shows.   Promotional company's, water front businesses , dealerships ,  I can not even begin to tell you the amount of attention this rig attracts. If I had charged $1 a photo I'd be a wealthy man.   I live on a very small lake and get chased around by boats taking  photos, cars stopping etc.   One of the best parts is that everyone ends up putting their photo on social media " look what I saw ".   It would also be a great " follow me too ....  "  Get your photo taken it etc tool.   Just look how much attention and profit Disney is making off of their Aqua Car rides.  Its all I hear about when people return.  It is very well made and sturdy ,  mounted on a 2 or 3 seat jet ski frame,  with wind surf boards on side,  I've had it out in good waves,  the electric trim works,  Both the headlights/ blinkers, and boat lights work.   It has a gas tank under the hood that could get hooked up.  It is fine as is,  but could easily be upgraded with a good sound system, canopy, new seats etc.   Please see notes when going through photos.  I have a uship account if you would like shipping quotes,  or I can deliver in the New England area.  Thanks for the interest. ~ Steve     Priced high to deter people from making offers without communication,  please simply reach out so we can discuss a deal / be on the same page on payment / pickup / delivery etc.

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