Celebrate the Failure of Socialism in Style!

The Trabi - does it really need an introduction. If you lived in East Germany and were lucky enough to be chosen to get a car; but not lucky enough to be of the ruling class, who didn't follow their own rules, this was your car - either in sedan or wagon form.

This example seems to be complete, though not in great shape.  The seller claims is runs, has a very strong engine and has little to no rust.  That's all good enough news.  If the bids stay low and the reserve isn't crazy, this still has room to be a good deal for someone looking for an oddity.

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Hollywood, FL, USA
$255.00 with two bids and reserve not met (no, we're not sure how many East German Marks that is/was)

This was modern styling in the late 50s, but this is a 1988 model.  Welcome to the failures of socialism.

Again, this isn't a bad style as a classic.  The fins give away its 50s design origins.

Front end isn't too special, and even has a little Mini in it.

Rear shows large hatch opening.

The seller had some trouble rotating images, so this is the cargo hold shot!  It appears there is some space.

The interior is rather spartan - nothing the people didn't need.

Apparently, some owner found the tiny wheel hard to use and added a nasty Pep Boys cover.  Note seat wear - presumably, the seats were swapped left to right.

Here's the engine and more evidence of rotation problems.

It's a money shot when the data plate references the Deutsche Demokratische Republik.

Ad text:

Here is your chance to own a piece of Cold War history. Trabants were produced in East Germany, DDR, from 1957 through 1991. This is the people's car, much like West Germany's VW, that East Germans drove through the Berlin Wall after the collapse of communism in November 9, 1989. Trabants were made of Duroplast, which is a cotton based resin compound similar to fiberglass that is weather resistant, very strong and rust proof built on a steel pan, much like the Beetle. It has an aluminum 26 hp 600cc aircooled 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine mounted to a 4 speed, with reverse, front wheel drive transaxle. Trabis are very dependable and reliable. There are no pumps, i.e. fuel, water or oil to maintain in any Trabants. They are fun to drive, get good mileage @ 35mpg +, handle extremely well, are excellent in snow and weigh only 1350lbs. They will cruise at 60mph all day and can do 70mph+ for short stretches. 

Additional Facts and History That Makes This Car Unique:

VERY STRONG ENGINE. Odometer reads 24000km about 42000miles, probably turned over once. It has the original drive train and trim, low back seats, original steering wheel, original jack and spare etc.  50/1 oil/gas ratio engine. Strong frame. No major rust.  It might need a paint job . It will draw attention at any car show. Clear Florida title. Tag and drive it today. Great investment that will only increase in value. 

Although Trabants are rare in the US, we have a growing national club called TrabantUSA.
where membership is free and we support the preservation of these unique vehicles. Parts are inexpensive and readily available, i.e. LDM Tuning and Reich Tuning etc. Free technical support is also available through our Trabant Yahoo group. DC Rally, sponsored by the International Spy Museum in Washington DC . It's free and a must for any Trabant enthusiast. The museum rewards every Trabi in attendance with a trophy, free lunch, money for gas and hotel. What other car club does that?

WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE CAR ON YOUTUBE:  link . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwGOzoXjuuE

Email or call 954 two nine nine 14 0 six   ask for - Adam

Thank you for your bid.

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