4Runner Pickup Conversion

Did you lament the death of the first-generation 4Runner's removable top in 1989?  Apparently, someone did, as they opted to modify a second-gen vehicle to look somewhat like a first-gen with the top off.  Was that a good idea?

Because the photos are lacking, it's not clear what in the back, but we assume it's a pickup bed, rather than an open air third row.    What appears to be missing is any rear opening to access said pickup bed; so don't plan on loading anything heavy into this.  That's probably not an issue, given the bed's diminutive size.

The seller claims about 169K miles, which means this Toyota is barely broken in; but is there any way it's worth $7K??

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Canoga Park, CA

The radical change in shape means this doens't even look like a 4Runner when you can't see the front end.  Given four doors, this is more useful than a first-gen 4Runner, but still not as inherantly cool.

Here's the profile - thins appear to be finished out well enough that this almost looks factory.

There is a fixed rear window here, unlike in a first-gen 4Runner, which is open to the elements with the top off.

No cut lines are visible to indicate an opening bed.  It would operated a bit strangely with the spare, anyway.

Ad text:

Unique 4Runner Conversion/95 SR5 Auto 4WD/169,366 miles/AC/All Power Locks/windows
Rebuilt Cylinder Heads/New Exhaust Mufflers/17" Wide Alloy Tires/Smog Cert

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