359: The Porsche that Never Was

The seller is this oddity says it's a rare Porsche 359.  Considering that's not a Porsche, that means this is some sort of kit car - in this case with some Speedster and some 959 styling cues.  We assume this is based on a VW, as the seller says it's a 1971 model and it powered by an 1776cc engine.

As a matter of fact, that's about all the seller says about the car, except for claimed low miles.  With no real information, we can't say how good or bad of a deal this is a $12,500, but it seems steep, at best.

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Banning Heights, CA, USA

It's not an ugly car, but it's a mishmash of Porsche designs.  If this was $500, it would be worth buying just to drive to Porsche events for the purpose of angering purists.  Unfortunately, that's not the price...

More 959 cues exist at the back, but the exhaust looks to be 100% Beetle.

It's not clear whether there's a top under that cover. The windscreen doesn't appear to have any attachment provisions, however.  Interior is pretty typical for a kit car - very simple.

We guess the dash is hard fiberglass, just like the body; but it almost looks padded in this shot.

Ad text:

Original .gel coat Rare 359 body # 134 
1776 cc engine , new interior , only 430 miles on car

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