1976 Monte Royce

Okay, it's not called a Monte Royce, but this is a "Custom Cloud", which is a Rolls Royce wanna-be based on a 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo - convertible, in this case.

The Custom Cloud was a strange project in the 70s, with the owner supposedly patenting Rolls' grill design in the US, as Rolls had not done so.  The end result, is a strange mix of Chevy Monte Carlo, Rolls, and who-knows-what.  You can read more than you want to know here.

The seller claims the 19,330 miles shown are original and that the car has only been ocassionally started since 1978.  It is claimed to run "very good", but needs TLC.  Is $6,750 reasonable for this oddity?

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Rialto, CA
$6,750 BIN price with 4.5 days to go

Rolls?  Stutz?  Just plain weird?

The Rolls-style grill is certainly recognizable, but the rest of the front looks like a mashup of multiple vehicles.

This isn't so strange from this angle, but that grill is still visible.

Rear has been completely reworked.

Interior has only minor modifications - the dash pad was not likely white when it left the factory.  The rest, however, looks like it's all Chevy.

Have we ever mentioned that we miss fully color-keyed interiors?

Here's the not-very-exciting-if-stock 350 V8.

Ad text:

I have a Chevrolet 1976 Custom Cloud Monte Carlo for sale. This is a very rare find that needs a little TLC. It has it's original 350 V8 with turbo hydra-matic automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seat, a/c, and a tilt wheel. It was built by Custom Cloud Motors in Miami FL. It debuted at the Miami FL International Motor Show in 1975 and in the New York Auto Show in 1976. It has a mahogany interior with a re-painted white exterior but original exterior color was mahogany. It has nice wheels & new tires and runs very good. It has Original 19330 miles on it ,Vehicle was parked in a garage since 1978 and was driven from time to time to get the dust & webs out Contact me text/call my
# 626-xxx-xxxx or via E-mail with any questions 
Buyer is Responsible for Transportation cost of Vehicle.
Thank you for your time..

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