1929 Auburn Trackless Train Conversion

Have we found a Hemmings mystery car?  This seller is offering his friend's 1929 Auburn-based trackless train, which is very cool in an of itself.   When looking for info, however, we found two Hemmings articles (one here and one here) with images of what is likely the same vehicle and with a call for help.  Thanks to eBay Motors, the crack investigative journalism team here at Oddimotive has likely solved one of the world's great mysteries!

We love this car/train!  What's not to love - it's beautifully crafted AND odd, after all.  Further, it has an interesting history.

Finally, we love the ad, as the seller states that the owner, his friend, is "very country"and doesn't like modern technology.

What's this oddity worth to you and what would you do with it?  It seems like a great find for just the right museum and $10K seems low for the work put into it.  It just won't exactly be practical as a daily driver...

Click for eBay ad
Hazen, AR, USA
$10,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and eight days to go

It's a train, it's a car...it's not Superman.

How does one comment on this?  Sheet metal looks straight?  Is that a good thing?

Front end is all train.

Here's a view down the right side.  Should we call it the passenger side??

Is that a giant fuel tank?!

Rear end houses a spare tire for some other vehicle?  Maybe it's just blocking access so none puts coal in it?

Here's the profile from the other side.  We wanted to include every possible angle for this beauty.

Cockpit entry works like a train. We guess that means there are no door hinges to maintain!

Interior is a bit more spartan than a typical '29 Auburn!  Also, was it hosed out of rained on?

Yes, this carries an Auburn ID plate.

Here's the in line eight - supposedly it can start and run, but isn't happy in cold weather.

Stolen from a navy ship?  :-)

Ad text:

 Let me start out by saying i am not an auburn professional or for that matter much more than a shade tree mechanic. I am listing this for a friend of mine who is very country. He doesn't use the computer and doesn't like fancy gadgets. He does like unusual, hard to find and many times rare vehicles. He has given me the assignment of cleaning out his barn's. This listing is for a 1929 auburn with a inline 8 that was turned into a train in the late 40s or early 50s by a gentleman with some serious metal working skills. It was used in a small town, Harrisburg AR in parades etc. My friend has owned it for years. We usually crank it up an average of two times per year for a parade or festival. Its moody and sometimes hard to start in the winter. We just got it out of the barn and it fired right off but sometimes it wants to give us fits. There's a Loud whistle that runs off the exhaust can be heard for miles. Money paid will go towards mission work and folks he feels need help more than he needs a train. Great for train enthusiast, auburn collector, theme park. Will come with bill of sale.

You wont see another one like it. The whole under of the train body is a Auburn car, motor, wheels, cab, tranny (3 speed) ect, ect. Good Luck and Thanks For Looking. 

If you need anything send me a email.

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