The Warrior - A Delightful Combination of Hideous and Creepy

What do you get when you add murals, mods, tufting, custom cabinets, a Vista Cruiser roof and far too many LED lights to an Astro van?  This - THE WARRIOR!

The seller is both the 4th and 2nd owner of this van.  Apparently, he sold it and then traded something to get it back.  Somewhere in there, it got murals on its marbled paint, custom cabinetry that would look at home in a "grand-parental" farmhouse, many references to WARRIOR and many more highly questionable mods.

The seller hopes there's someone out there who thinks this is worth something between $8,000 and $10,500.

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Sparta, WI, USA
$8,000 with zero bids, reserve not met, $10,500 BIN price and over six days to go

This shot this hardly hints at the wonders associated with this custom van.  It gets MUCH better.  Here, we can see custom wheels (could be worse), body kit, visor, spoiler and modified roof.  Note also the Pep Boys hood scoops/nostrils.

The driver's side has a larger mural, what with no door in the way.  The murals depict some sort of ice warrior with polar bears (of course!).

The mural continues on the rear, where one can also see the fancy exhaust tips.

Nighttime is the right time to light up your van in order to entice significantly younger targets to enter.

Our first interior shot makes things look rather stock.  Don't worry, it gets much better.

This shot gives a glimpse of the custom wood cabinet and flooring, along with loads of tufted velour and the Vista Cruiser roof.

Here, things start to get strange.  Note the figurines and (faux?) weapons.

WARRIOR!  the only saving grace here is this doesn't look like a fuctional bed - maybe the seller cut up his victims on the floor or just hid them in a giant drawer under that seat?

Finally, here's the back.  Admire the lack of windows, additional tufted velour, and grandma's country-kitch curio cabinet full of who-knows-what!

Lest you thought the interior was too subtle, here's a nighttime interior shot.

In case you were wondering, yes, the not-so-exciting 4.3L V6 has a cool air intake!  It might even be mounted under the non-functional hood scoops.

Ad text:

“The side and rear doors power lock has not been connected.some paint chips on front have been touched up the marble paint is very forgiving.5" crack in top layer of vista cruiser side windowpassenger side been there sins installation in 2000.”

I am the 2nd and 4th owner of the van, I bought the van in 2000 after it was in an accident the battery was bad so no millage was shown.
we replaced the frond end with a 2000 GMC frond and installed the new battery,it showed 24380 for millage .but the tittle reads not actual.
I sold the van to a friend in 2002 with 34062 MI,then in 2008 I took it back in trade with 69110 MI on it and decided  to redo it.
In January 2011 i finished the last mural ,the van has 100+ awards. It is stored in the winter and always garage kept when not in use.
Features: Oak and carpeted floor and oak cabinets
               Blue marble paint with murals and clear coat
               Sony stereo radio CD with Pyle powered sub
               1969 Oldsmobile vista cruiser roof with spoiler
                Over head console with CB radio and lights
                18" wheels with low profile tires
                 New alternator-belt-and interstate battery in 2014
                 Lots of LED lights in and out,some with remote control

Cruise control is aftermarket.

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