Seeking the Holy Grail? Why W8? Act now!

Act now, as the Grail has been found!  We hereby present a Passat W8 wagon with manual transmission.  These are rare in any condition, but this one claims under 42,000 miles and appears to be in superb condition.

A low-mile, AWD, V8 wagon with manual trans?  Yes, indeed - it doesn't get much better.  Even with low miles, though, this car comes with maintenance costs; so keep that in mind.  Still, if you're brave enough to take on the W8 engine, you should start with the best one you can find.

New consideration: This car has a double-DIN head unit, so you can pop in an aftermarket jobby with Android Auto and CarPlay and instantly modernize its tech!

The seller says he or she is asking $20,000 and will "take" $18,000.  We think both are high numbers, but he or she might get a nibble at the $12,500 asking price, which is right at the top of the market.

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Stafford, VA, USA
$12,500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and over nine days to go

Classic wagon profile never goes out of style.  BBS aftermarket wheels are perfectly welcome on this autobahn cruiser, but we'd like to have originals in the garage for the future.

This Passat has aged well in general, come to think of it.

Dual tips are visible on one side, but we know they're on both.

Seats look pretty supportive and appear to be in excellent condition.  Note the shifter!

How about a close-up of that shifter?  Also, not that the double-DIN head unit.

There's plenty of storage space in this beast.

Ad text:

“Outstanding condition, garage queen. Very seldom driven more than 5 miles/week. Small surface scratch on left door, buffable. New tires on 18" BBS, Michelin Super Sport with under 200 Miles. Premium LIQUI MOLY Synthoil High Tech 5w40 Motor Oil Always used. All working perfectly. Small antenna, premium air filters (engine and cabin) by Mahle, Germany. Best of the best for this puppy.”

A collector's gem. Never abused, always taken care as the Garage Queen she is. Never saw rain, leaves or...the wrong barometric pressure, for all I care!

New Michelin Super Sports place at New German Performance. Less then 200 miles on them. Powerful engine, without any gimmicks, fans-turbos or non-sense like it. Pure engine power with torque of 8 cans. Best car I had. Moving, and no chance to take it along. No VW service whatsoever where I am going, no parts. Gong to miss this puppy. A LOT!

This car is now increasing in value year over year. Only 78 came to the US, as I  am told, in this absolute configuration. I am asking $20,000, but will settle for $18,000 or best offer.
Principals only, please. Transaction to be performed inside a Bank of America local branch, with direct assistance by branch manager, with a certified check, period. No deliveries, only local pickup.

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