Rare 6MT Jaguar X-Type

The Jaguar X-Type was based on the Ford Mondeo platform, but was offered only with all-wheel drive in the US to help it compete with RWD offerings from BMW and Mercedes (and later the Japanese luxury brands).  Although it was panned by most when compared to the Germans and Japanese, enthusiasts know this platform and engine combination offered great performance when the price was lower.  After all, the SVT Contour was based on the same basic guts.

These make interesting used cars, as the prices are low.  With Mondeo and Duratec bits, they should be very reliable.  You will likely find many lower-mileage X-Types on the market at any time, but the manuals are a bit harder to find.

The asking price here is $5,500, but we imagine it could be had for less, given some cosmetic needs listed by the seller.  The big mystery here is whether this car has the 2.5- or 3-liter verison of the Duratec.  Neither is a slouch, but the 3-liter offered about 30 more HP and torques - helpful in moving this AWD Mondeo variant.

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Hawthorne, CA, USA

Sheetmetal here did a good job of emulating the period XJ - perhaps looking a bit too much like it.

Again, front end is all XJ.

Phone images are crap, but here's part of the rear.

Here's the manual trans money shot.  The interior in this example appears to be in excellent shape.  Note also the double-DIN audio system for easy swaps.

Yes, this vehicle has gauges!  They're nothing too special, but the leaper is visible in the tachometer.

Ad text:

Selling my rare 2004 jaguar x-type that's stick shift V6 engine. Reason i am selling is because my wife cannot get the hang of driving stick shift. The car runs beautifully and has lots of power! Engine and transmission are in excellent driving condition and grate on gas 28 mpg highway! Tires are 90% and AC blows ice cold! Has DVD/Bluetooth and a option for navigation "for iphone users only. Has a amazing sound system 2 amplifiers including 12" JL Audio sub woffer and also comes with really beautiful HID headlights. 
The interior has normal wear and tear, body of the car could use a slight paint job and also there is a small dent in the lower back right bumber. 

If you would like any additional information please feel free to contact me anytime 

will trade consider a trade for 2004 and up honda civic or accord or equal value
thanks for reading

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