Quickie: Flintmobile!

Does this "car" need any introduction?

Apparently, this is based on a golf car, which means it isn't street legal.  Still, this might be the strangest thing in your retirement community!

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McHenry, IL, USA (or northern Florida?)
$4,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met, absurd $29,995 BIN price  and a bit under seven days to go

Yep, it looks like Fred Flintstone's car.


Still does.

And, yes, it has some sort of mock radio, which appears to be non-functional.

Ad text:

This beautiful Flintmobile was authentically reproduced using the original production molds. It was built by movie car builder Mark Towle. Utilizing a chassis from an electric golf cart, this car actually runs and drives (and has more than 2 foot power!). The body is a durable fiberglass body that was custom painted and air brushed by Willie Hills to look like wood. The interior and rollers, also fiberglass, were painted to look like stone. The cart actually sits on the golf cart tires, which are hidden. The front and back rollers actually sit on the ground when in use and roll along with the car in both forward and reverse. The car drives like and is serviceable like a normal golf cart. Hollywood cars, especially iconic ones like this that tug at the memories of so many people, are very popular not only for your private collection, or to show off but also as a business. We have a Flintmobile in our museum that we use as an attraction to pull people in allowing it to be used as a photo op. You too can use this car to attract people to your business, rent it out as an attraction at events, allow people to get their picture in it for a fee. So much potential to generate revenue. This car is consigned to us by the owner, is not in our showroom. It is located in northern Florida.

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