Interesting Car, Strange Choices: Custom Triumph TR8

The TR8 was a short-lived, V8-powered version of the famously wedgy TR7 sports car.  Being British and having eight cylinders in the 70s/80s, you know the Buick-engineered, Rover-purchased 215 CID (3.5L, if you must) all-aluminum V8.  These are highly-regarded sports cars, but this owner decided that wasn't enough.

The seller says this done in the style of at TR8 GT or TS8 prototype.  We're not sure what he's getting at, as GT might imply a fixed roof, like a GT6, and TS8 is a motorcycle.  Oh well, what we have here is a modified TR8 with claimed 300+ horsepower on a dyno.  That sounds good and the body mods don't look too bad but the "Lambo doors" just seem inappropriate on a classic.  Actually, they're inappropriate on anything except a Lamborghini.

The seller claims over $20K invested, and that's believable.  Is this worth $12K to you, knowing you'll need to alter the doors?  If the engine is as claimed and the suspension work was well done, this should be very fun to drive!

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Tarzana, CA, USA (such a great town name)

Being all blacked out and in horribly low resolution, the car is hard to see.  It certainly looks clean, though, and that guy looks happy.

This is all we get to see of the interior.  At least we can tell it's not neon green.  The steering wheel looks like a nice choice, and the roll bar isn't a bad idea.

Exhaust is larger than stock, but looks pretty good.  Offset stripe is a bit odd, given it doesn't continue onto the hood.

Carbon-look is again a bit of an odd choice for a 70s design originally sold in the early 80s.  Not bad, though, and Z people get away with it.  We'd prefer stock, though.

Ad text:

This is the only car of its kind in the world. Built as a GT or TS8 Prototype. It is built on a rare 1981 Triumph TR8 North America frame as well as its Power plant was an original Aluminum Buick 283 V8 Stroked out to over 300bph on the Dyno test last. 17" Custom Rims and Tires... CUSTOM BODY KIT. Vertical Doors, HID Conversion Headlights, Custom Paint and decals, Custom Interior, New TOP and Boot . All Custom upgraded suspension, Shocks, etc.... over 20k invested.... 12K obo call or text anytime

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