Hopefully, This Car is Only Figuratively "On Fire"

Here we have a Renault Fuego Turbo with manual trans and claimed sub-58K mileage.  What's not to love?

Yes, this was an odd attempt at a sports coupe by Renault and was made in the days when they were a state-owned enterprise.  Like all other period Renaults, these had poor reputations for reliability and, in the US market, pathetic resale value. They have also always had loyal followers because of their cool quirkiness.

The seller claims under 58K original miles and provides almost no other info.  As he or she calls it a convertible, that seems to indicate that the canvas sunroof still opens.  Hopefully, it's at least a bit watertight.  If this car really is in good running order and has a decent interior (we can't tell due to lacking images), this is a good Fuego, though you'll have to decide whether any example is worth $7K.

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Newburgh, New York, USA
$7,000 BIN price with 3 days to go

All Fuegos had plenty of ribbed plastic cladding, though the beltline treatment is more appealing than what Pontiac - the Kings of Cladding - generally offered.  In true 80s fashion, "TURBO" decals are plenty.

Turbo on the back glass?  Yes!

Let's take another look at that Fuego badge.

Gauges aren't too weird for a French car, but that engine coolant temp gauge isn't normal, either.  Hmm...no boost gauge?

Ah-ha!  Of course, the boost gauge is located in front of the shifter where it's never convenient to look while driving.

Here's the 5-speeds shifter - not a true dogleg, but does have reverse in a slightly odd location.

Ad text:

RENAULT FUEGO in good working condition, convertible, no rust. 
For more information contact me by email.

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