HHR SS Panel, but not one you want...

Here we have a Chevy HHR SS Panel, which, in and of itself, is an intriguing vehicle.  This one, however, has hydraulics and 20-inch spinners, along with a flame job with burning money.  You'll have to decide whether that is desirable in your world.

In stock form, the HHR SS could hit 60mph in about six seconds, and the panel versions are just plain rare.  So, a cool oddity was sacrificed to make this monstrosity.  The good news is this one has an automatic transmission; so the ultimate version isn't lost here.

Is this your sort of thing?  Is $17,500 reasonable?  We tend to think "no and no."

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Waterloo, IL, USA

This one goes up...

...and down.

And side-to-side.

Yes, that's money in the paint job.

And, yes, these are spinners, even though they look like shit hubcaps on red steel wheels.

The SS seats are still present and still look supportive.  Interior seems to be in great shape.

Note the low mileage.

Hatch storage area is mostly lost to batteries and hydraulics.

Here is the control box for the hydraulics.  Note that this one only has ten switches, not sixteen.

Ad text:

Selling a 2009 Custom Super Sport Panel with a 2.0 turbo, vehicle has only 5500 miles on it and I'm the only owner. Just so you know I am in my 60's and have taken excellent care of this vehicle, always garage kept too. The paint is custom and done by Jason Sprengler from Belleville, Il., the paint job ran $8000 and the wheels are 20" Dub "spinner" wheels which also ran me $8000 new. Also have a 10 switch hydraulics - 2 pump system with accumulators that ran $3500. With the hydraulics I also have a street charger 24 volt electronic charger. Also customized a rear bench that has SS emblems stitched in it that ran an additional $1,200. Vehicle also has a factory soon roof. If you are looking for that fun, unique, and clean new toy give me a call at

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