Here's One for Next Year's Independence Day Parade

What do you get when you combine a C4 Corvette with the VIN from a 1966 Ford wagon and a homemade wood body?  This thing.

The seller is obviously proud of this oddity and we guess he or she should be.  You'll either love this or hate it, so we don't need to add much here.  So far, the market says it's worth at least $3,551...

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Flagstaff, AZ, USA
$3,551 with thirteen bids and two days to go

The paint and squared-off shape say military, but the stance is far too low.

Rear is pretty much what you'd expect.

Here's a close-up.  Yes, that looks like a household door knob.

Apparently, it's strong enough for teenagers to sit on top.

Yes, the wood hood is rear-hinged and allows remarkably good access to the engine, which is all C4 Vette.

Interior shows Corvette origins with a healthy dose of pure, homemade custom.

Ad text:

Ok folks you are viewing a one of a kind, RAT HUMVEE, this is titled as a 1966 ford station wagon ? yep thats right, the firewall & vin plate are the only ford on this, the frame, engine trans interior suspension are all from a C4 Corvette!!! Then add in a CUSTOM HAND MADE OAK WOOD BODY !! THE RESULTS ARE WHAT YOU SEE ☺ This is street & freeway legal & has been driven in many parades & car shows, look closely at the craftsmanship, & add ons, like the grenades, cannon, brass eagle etc.. The inside has the blue leather corvette seats, mexican blanket head liner finish it the way you want, or leave it as is? the engine & trans are what you would expect out of a Corvette, this baby hauls butt !!!power steering & brakes make it a joy to drive. New 14" front tires & big 15" rears. If you dont like getting noticed, then this is not for you!! Great for in front of your buisnes, or weekend cruises. I have included a few pictures of before the army green "latex" paint was done, under it is a hand rubbed & sealed beautiful oak finished body, the inside retains this look.
This build was a vision that we had & the results are unreal, the legal AZ license plate of "RATHUMV" will go with the car. any questions feel free to ask, i have this priced  below the true value we feel, so i hope you enjoy seeing & for ONE lucky person owning the RAT. The vehicle is currently in beautiful Flagstaff AZ but can be brought down to Phoenix AZ if its easier for you. Flagstaff is on the I40 & Phoenix is the I10.

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