GMC Jimmy Plus Sea Ray 185 Equals Oddimobile

Every now and then, someone decides they can do better than Amphicar.  Usually, these are crappy cars that don't work at all as boats.  That's the case here; so, alas, Amphicar wins.

There's nothing we can say here that would help.

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Alpharetta, GA, USA
$4,089 with eight bids, reserve not met and six days to go

No, we don't know about the costume.

Yep, it's a boat.

Sorry, the picture was of very low quality, but here's the rear.

Ad text:

You are viewing an extremely unusual vehicle. She was made from a 1994 GMC Jimmy. The majority of the body was cut off so I could have a Sea Ray 185 sport bow rider installed on her for the perfect marriage. Together I've created a street legal Boatcar. Every car show I enter I win, wherever I drive people take pictures and film videos. No it does not float but it sure looks good and runs great. It has a/c, ps, pb, cruise, tilt, stereo, ships horn, ships bell, and fishing rod holders. This took me a year to build and a lot of challenges to over come along the way. She is a one of a kind, you can see her at and you can see her on YouTube at Making Waves:The Ultimate Streetworthy Boat Car. 

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