French Family Hatchback

Today's feature car is a Renault 16 (R16), which was Renault's large family hatch from the mid 1960s until 1980.  After all, it wouldn't be a European car from that period if it wasn't built for fifteen years...

The seller claims this one runs and it certainly appears original.  What's the downside?  It has been sitting for a long time, though that duration is undisclosed.  Power in these came from a front/mid-mounted I4 and went to a transmission mounted in the front and driving the front wheels.  Unfortunately, the seller didn't pop the hood for a photo.

A parts car (not pictured) is apparently included in the sale.  Is this combo worth $4K to you?  If you buy it and drive it, you can pretty much be assured you won't see another in the US outside of French car shows.

The styling on this is fairly traditional compared to anything coming out of Citroen at the time, but certainly stands out by today's standards.

Front end is elegant and fits with this car's position atop the lineup at the time.

Rear is classic hatchback and nicely detailed.

The interior looks quite inviting and comfortable and appears to be in great condition.

Rear seat doesn't have an abundance of legroom, but should be fine for kids or for adults on short trips.

Ad text:

Nice original,running.still needs little work,new tires ,registered ,non-op,clean title
sitting for long time, + one more - R16 for parts
Make me a offer -moving
offers only in person -!
$ 4000.

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