Factory Turbocharged, Manual Minivan

Who could have offered such a beast?  Plymouth, of course!

The seller claims this is a two-owner car and has had recent mid-level service and some hidden upgrades.  If it is truly as good as described, this could be a pretty awesome family hauler!  The 2.5-liter turbocharged four put out 150HP and 180 lb-ft in stock form and should deliver that power and torque in a fun manner...

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Austin, TX, USA (keep it weird!)
$5,500 buy-it-now with six days to go

Custom wheels might tip someone off that this isn't an ordinary Chrysler minivan product.

Rear interior doesn't give anything away and appears to be in very good shape with plenty of seating.

Here's the stick shift money shot!

And, here's that turbochaged inline four!

Ad text:

Super rare factory turbo voyager (same as dodge caravan) in excellent condition. I bought this from the original owner who bought it new in 1988. He kept it OEM stock for all these years and had it in amazing condition (20+ years of receipts). I've done a lot to it since then and my goal was to keep it stealth and 100% reliable. It comes with full interior (no rips) and ice cold R12 AC! It runs 15psi and is a blast to drive.  Never been to the track or abused. All work professionally installed no mickey mouse stuff. No leaks no issues no repairs needed. Here is what I've done since I've owned it.

- rebuilt head with valve job, all new gaskets and bolts
- new motor mounts
- new left cv axle
- new thicker radiator, new fan motor, new thermostat, all new hoses (including heater host) and clamps
- new timing belt, new water pump, new distributer, plugs and wires
- power steering fluid flush
- new interstate battery with warranty
- all new driveline belts
- R12 A/C recharge

- supra intercooler with custom piping
- custom cold air intake with 3.5" amsoil filter
- synapse diverter valve with foam filer to keep it quite
- FWD computer
- turboXS manual boost controller
- 2.5" OD dynomax muffler with stock downpipe and stock dual tip side exit exhaust

Located in central Texas north of Austin. Price is firm at $5500 and not going to give it away. This is a rare combo in Plymouth form with 7 seats!

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