Because the Reliant Robin was So Good... was replaced by the remarkably similar Reliant Rialto!  Today's feature is the Rialto Saloon (sedan), as opposed to the Estate (wagon) version.

The seller claims to have found this in his barn and driven it weekly for some amount of time.  That being said, it's been sitting for five years or so. $200 might be about right for this!

Frighteningly, the seller claims to have driven this in the mountains at 60 to 70mph.  Anyone who's seen the Robin on Top Gear knows how dangerous this this just might be, at least if you rig the car with the wrong wheel sizes, like Top Gear did.

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Trinidad, CO, USA (no, there is no Tobago, CO)
$206 with six bids and 4.5 days to go

Is towing with this a good idea?  In truth, it might add stability...

Here's that classic Reliant styling.  Note the more modern front on the Rialto vs. the Robin.

No, this isn't a base Rialto.  This is a Rialto E GLS!

Yes, there is a small trunk!

Brown stripe adds street cred and any American driver gets bonus points for left-hand manual shifting.

The interior is perfectly functional.  This GLS model has upgraded seat cloth for a luxury experience.

Here's the 850cc four-cylinder engine, crammed into the skinny nose behind the front wheel.

The hand-etched VIN plate is rather quaint!

Ad text:

“Because this is a more than 30 year old car, it would be reasonable to expect normal wear and tear. It has never been restored, and has numerous scratches, and there is wear and tear in the interior as well. I believe the entire drivetrain to be factory installed so..... although it is a good running car you as buyer should be prepared to "roll up your sleeves" from time to time. I'm not offering any kind of warranty, so have this in mind before bidding.”

Fresh barn find 1984 3 wheeled microcar.
Ok  full disclosure I found it in my barn. I  have had it sitting for five or so years.
I am having money trouble's, and need to sell a few of my cars.

I have listed this car twice already, but I am having issues compling with ebay's vin policy. I included a picture of the vin, and the actual vin number is SCD160234EG045677. 

Reliants are English cars, right hand drive, so it takes a little getting used to.
This is a good running project car "great father son project" I used to drive the little car 180 miles every weekend to my girlfriends house "60 to 70 miles per hour" with virtually no problems' and that's thru the mountains! That being said, realistically this is a 30 year old car, you shouldn't expect it to drive like a new vehicle.
No cruise control
No air bags
No air conditioning
No anti lock brakes
Heater does not work
Radio may not work
In the last year I replaced the radiator.
in the last year I replaced the tires
in the last month I replaced the battery 
The car comes with the "yellow top" high torque motor which was only for 2 years, and more rare. That said you won't likely see another Rialto as long as you own it!!! It's a big at car shows as well as cruise nights, imagine a cool collector car that you can actually use! Space in the back for your friends or just hauling stuff, the back seat folds down for really long stuff. I took this to the Microcar show, and it was one of the few that can cruise highway speeds.
Don't buy this car if you don't to be noticed, you won't be happy, because people are always slowing down to take pictures of it, or asking me about it! 
No, the trailer isn't included.
The car was registered as a car with Vermont plates when I bought it, I have it titled in Colorado as a motorcycle. I did it this way because it was cheaper to register and insure, but you should be able to change it back if you wish.

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